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Parmaco Metal Injection Molding AG
Has been committed to the development and the production of MIM components

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Since its foundation in 1992 Parmaco has been committed to the development and the production of MIM components. The early concentration on this modern and complex production technology has lead to an enormous pool of experience. Due to this experience we are in the position to advice our customers competently and to master challenging projects.

Parmaco Metal Injection Molding AG - Firmengebäude

The recognition that flexibility in all steps of the MIM process is critical led to the early decision to mix all feedstocks in house. This gives us not only independence of feedstock vendors but also allows us to design feedstocks according to the part specific requirements. Today we exploit these possibilities to the benefit of our customers for material developments and process optimization.

Likewise beneficial was the decision to invest in the area of MicroMIM. Due to the specific equipment and the intensive development in the area of miniaturized MIM components Parmaco has also emerged as a leader in the field of MicroMIM.

Now and in the future Parmaco is committed to stay at the forefront of the MIM and MicroMIM technology.

We are your reliable partner ……
… for small, complex steel parts.
… with experience and innovative ideas.
… for sophisticated and economic solutions.

We master following processes
Metal Injection Molding (MIM)


Metal Injection Molding (MIM) / microMIM

Process description

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) a revolutionary design process for the manufacture of complex shaped metallic micro and small parts.

The technologies are:
Plastic injection molding
Sintering of metal powders (P / L method)

Parmaco Metal Injection Molding AG - MIM-Verfahren Bild 1

Metal Injection Molding combines both technologies

Parmaco Metal Injection Molding AG - MIM-Verfahren Bild 2

Steps of the MIM process

Parmaco Metal Injection Molding AG - Steps of the MIM process

More information about the process steps can be found here.

One of the advantages of the MIM process is the fact that MIM-parts can be used in virtually any application or industry branch. Thus it is not surprising that the list of industries where MIM parts are applied is infinite.
Typical applications of MIM parts (alphabetic)

field of application

Shading systems
Dental industry

electronic industry
power tools

bicycle industry
Gear industry
Household equipment
Medical industry

Measuring equipment

Mobile phones
Locking systems

textile machinery

watch industry
joining technology
fire arms

tool industry
door locking system, Ignition locks,
Steering columns, Gear components, drive trains,
Valves, Air bag components, Convertible roof parts etc.
gear components, Actuation etc.
brackets, Components for drills
and other instruments etc.
housings, contact pins, switches etc.
jig saw assemblies, levers
actuators etc.
hubs, sprocket wheels, pedal clips
casings, Planetary gear components etc.
controls, Mechanical components etc.
operation instruments, Micro invasive instruments
Various components etc.
sensors, Sensor holders, Housings,
Mechanical componets etc.
Hinges, Design components, Switches
mountings, sockets etc.
housings, actuators, locking elements,
gear racks, cylinder heads etc.
thread guides, eyelets, hooks,
glide pieces etc.
bezels, bracelet components etc.
housings, lids, holders etc.
sights, triggers, firing pins, firing pin units,
triggers, safety levers etc.
cable assembly, crimping tools, knifes,
chucks, jaws etc.



Visit us at the Fakuma. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall A4, booth 4218).

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