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Negri Bossi S.p.a.
Shows at the Fakuma with VESTA und EOS two new innovative machines

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Negri Bossi will present its new electric injection moulding machine VESTA at the Fakuma 2011. The features of the new injection moulding machine are:

The “full electric” solution significantly reduces the consumption of electricity compared with even the most innovative hydraulic solutions, in some cases by as much as 80%. With the possibility to overlap all movements, the cycle time can also be considerably reduced with no corresponding reduction in the performance of the overlapping phases.
Negri Bossi - VESTA

The injection unit - (carriage) is operated by twin actuators which ensure that the nozzle approach force is applied centrally to avoid any material leakage from the mould/nozzle contact area and guarantees reliability and long life while the innovative belt transmission system provides smooth and steady operation.
As there is no requirement for hydraulic oil, the VESTA can be employed in all those sectors where contamination must be eliminated.
The use of regenerative drivers to recover electric current during braking as well as the use of a new generation of permanent magnet motors with high torque / current ratio, improves performance during injection, plasticising, clamping and ejection phases.
VESTA can be equipped with an integrated hydraulic unit to control cores. 

Negri Bossi - VESTA

A Finite Element Method algorithm has been employed to define the dimensions of the clamping unit in order to eliminate deformation and thereby guaranteeing that even the most sophisticated moulds can be safely utilised. Additionally, the tie bars are manufactured from very high wear resistant chromium-plated steel.
The plasticising unit is equipped with a wear resistant bi-metallic barrel and high efficiency ceramic heater bands as standard as well as a patented fast change- over system.
Operator comfort is maximised by reduced noise levels and improved machine accessibility.
VESTA is equipped with a touch screen control and a JAVA based interface. The machine management software is based on a real time operating system with a very high capacity processing unit for ultra accurate axis motion control. The machine is equipped with absolute encoders which guarantee the highest precision and actual position recognition. VESTA comes prepared for network connection and online remote services which enable the complete monitoring of machine operating parameters in order to reduce machine down time.

Negri Bossi - VESTA

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VESTA Catalogue (PDF-file, 3.1 MB)

EOS - the new machine from Negri Bossi with the innovative two platen clamping technology
The extremely compact dimensions of the new EOS line are the result of meti- culous design of the entire machine. In order to obtain this result the chosen solutions for the two platen clamping unit and the two cylinder injection unit have been crucial.

Negri Bossi - EOS

The clamping unit adopts a two platen solution with the moving platen sliding on prismatic guides and re-circulating ball bearings. This solution provides an excellent parallelism between the platens and ensures cleanliness in the moulding area due to the absence of lubrication oil.
The wide tie bar spacing combined with a long opening stroke allows complex moulds to be easily mounted, and excellent accessibility to the die space allows quick mould changes.

The injection unit, which slides on two prismatic guides with re-circulating ball bearings, is equipped with two cylinders directly coupled hydraulically, pulling in tandem during the injection phase and a bi-metallic plasticising barrel which ensures a long life even when processing very abrasive materials. Optional special profile screws allow the machine to be customised to suit many different types of plastic materials, ensuring an optimal quality of plasticising. The ceramic heater bands ensure uniformity of temperature combined with a long operating life time.

The hydraulic group designed for high precision in combination with particularly low energy consumption is based on a variable displacement pump with closed loop of pressure and flow control. The optional “SE - Smart Energy” package has a digital variable displacement pump driven by an electric motor controlled by an integrated inverter. In addition to higher energy savings and reduced noise, the fast speed and pressure response achieved by the two devices (motor and pump), assures a perfect pressure control during the injection phase and therefore higher quality of the moulded products.

The algorithms used, based on Negri Bossi’s experience, allow optimal management of all moulding phases and set up of the machine in an easy and intuitive way. Optional equipment can be easily integrated as the software is pre- prepared, also specific connections such as the AMICO system can be easily integrated.



Hybrid press JANUS 220 SE
At the Fakuma Negri Bossi shows the hybrid press JANUS 220 SE, standing out for its “IML” technology which allows to manufacture products whose decorating label is not glued but perfectly integrated into the plastic material (the application selected for Fakuma is a two cavity mould for the production of a Polypropylene container, with part handling being carried out by a side entry Sytrama robot).
Negri Bossi - Janus
Clamping force electrically controlled, hydraulic injection and ejection with oil supply from dedicated pressure accumulators, JANUS complies with the consistent “energy saving” market requirements, the hallmark of any recently designed Negri Bossi range of machines. Pressure oil feeding the press cycle makes the difference in terms of energy saving: it comes from the fixed displacement pump controlled by an inverter, where according to the moulding cycle parameters (injection cycle and moulding itself), the press is self-adjusted thus cutting the accumulators loading pressure and the electric motor speed, in order to increase its reloading time within the moulding useful time. This solution further increases energy saving through the recovery of the kinetic energy of the moving platen during the mould close phase.

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Download technical data (PDF-file, 3,2 MB)

Visit us at the Fakuma 2011. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall B5, booth 5225).

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