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mould2part GmbH
Manufacture of plastic prototypes in the shortest possible time

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The company mould2part GmbH specializes in the rapid tooling process and counts the manufacture of high quality plastic prototypes from original nalmaterialien as well as the production of injection molded plastic or liquid silicone on their achievements. We offer the whole process chain from a single source.

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mould2part - HSC Fraesmaschinen

mould2part offer the full tooling/prototyping production flow. We meet  all demands from insert construction to prototype production or production of small series.

Your customer benefits:
• reduced production risks in pre series /small series production
• fast turnaround in delivering your product idea
• take advantage of your high flexibility in matching your requirements
• we offer a wide range of tool adaption for changing project demands
  (modifications/adaptions/material charges)

Rapid Tooling

The company mould2part GmbH specialises in the Rapid Tooling process (rapid creation of injection moulding tools), and counts among its achievements the manufacture of high quality plastic prototypes from original materials, as well as the production of injection-moulded plastic parts from thermoplastics or liquid silicone rubber.

Our Rapid Tooling system is ideally suited to optimising parts until they are ready to go to production. This allows dimension and design modifications to be made until the product perfectly meets all your specifications and is guaranteed to be fully functional. In this way, we avoid expensive and time-consuming later modifications on the steel series tool. Furthermore, the Rapid Tooling process allows us to deliver quantities of up to 20,000 high quality units within 2-6 weeks, according to the complexity of the plastic part, at low tool costs. All kinds of thermoplastic materials, as well as silicones can be used. Unlike various rapid prototyping processes like SLA, SLS, LOM, etc., the prototype parts in Rapid Tooling are made from the final production material.

Plastic parts manufactured in this way can be tested under realistic conditions, and the results obtained will be applied to the final units.

Our offer of service includes the entire process chain, from the consultation stage to the production of pilot series or small batches, allowing you to benefit from our know-how and our experience with the most varied materials and complex shapes throughout the entire process.

Areas of expertise
Aside from all varieties of plastic parts, we have also made a name for ourselves in the following areas:
• Gear wheels
• Cable overmoulding
• Hose overmoulding
• 2K and 3K components
• Insert moulding
• Liquid silicone rubber

Production process

1. Insert construction
Construction of mould inserts based on customer CAD data.

mould2part GmbH - Kostruktion

2. Mould milling
Milling of high-resistance aluminium moulds with HSC milling machines.

mould2part GmbH - Fräsen

3. Specifically built moulds
Solving moulding problems by using specifically desgined moulds.

mould2part GmbH - Formenbau

4. Serial production
Moulding your serial part demands using our injection moulding machines

mould2part GmbH - Spritzguss

Pre series / small series
Production of up 70 10’000 parts

mould2part GmbH - Vorserie und Kleinserie

Production times:
• easy shapes: 2 - 4 weeks
• Complex demands: 4 - 6 weeks
• Prototypes with original material: 4 - 6 weeks

World of parts


Visit us at the Swiss Plastics. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth
Hall 1 / Booth B 1042

mould2part GmbH - Logo neumould2part GmbH
Bleichi 27
CH-9043 Trogen AR

Tel. +41 (0)71 343 88 88
Fax +41 (0)71 343 88 11

Direct contacts
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