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pelletroneurope GmbH
Specialists in Bulkmatology® (Bulk Material Handling Technology) for gentle conveying and dedusting of granular materials

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Pelletron has its headquarters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA and a European subsidiary located in Bodnegg/Allgäu, Germany. The company maintains a network of sales and service representatives around the world.

pelletroneurope GmbH - Firmensitz
Headquarter of pelletroneurope GmbH in Bodnegg/Germany

Pelletron Corporation was founded by Jerry Paulson in 1987 to address the need for a dust removal system to aid in the plastic manufacturing process. The concept, nurtured in the garage of his home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, was based on kinetic energy and its effect on granules as they pass through the pneumatic conveying systems that are a common part of the production process.

Paulson’s solution, the Kinetic Gravity DeDuster®, used a magnetic flux field to disrupt the electrostatic charge between contaminants and pellets, and a patented air wash deck to separate and remove those contaminants. The dedusting process improved product quality, saved production time and reduced scrap.

In 2003, the company began to expand into the pneumatic conveying field. In 2010, pelletroneurope was established in Bodnegg, Germany, to better address the needs of the global market. The company continues to develop and patent various new DeDuster® systems, components and conveying technologies, and today is a well-established supplier for pneumatic conveying systems and components in the dry bulk handling industry. Pelletron Corporation’s highly experienced Bulkmatology® team has many years of knowledge in designing and building systems that meet the unique and individual needs of customers in a variety of industries. Today, in addition to dedusting systems, Pelletron, and its network of representatives, offers a full range of pneumatic conveying products and services to customers world-wide.

pelletroneurope GmbH - Qualitativ hochwertige Endprodukte

Products and Services for the Plastics Manufacturing & Compounding Industry

Pelletron provides pneumatic conveying systems, special dedusting technologies and components for plastics manufacturers and compounders. The new conveying process pellcon3® was developed for this industry to reduce the creation of dust and streamers and to reduce investment costs. This process demonstrates the new thinking in pneumatic conveying. 

Selection of the suitable pneumatic conveying transfer system for dry bulk solid materials (pellets, granules, chips, regrind and powders) is important for the function and the economical, reliable operation of an entire plant. Complex and unreliable systems lead to high maintenance costs and plant shut downs.

Pelletron’s system services include:
• System design/engineering
• System analysis and optimization
• Project management
I• nstrumentation and controls
I• nstallation
• Field service
• Global sourcing
• Commissioning
• Pneumatic conveying and dedusting tests
• Toll cleaning
• Spare parts and refurbishing
• And more…

Pelletron’s application experience includes:
• Railcar loading and unloading systems
• Pneumatic transfer systems
• Bagging stations
• Big bag filling stations
• Truck loading and unloading systems
• Extruder feeding
• Upgrading dilute and dense phase systems to pellcon3® systems
• And more…

Products and Services for the Plastics Processing Industries

Pelletron provides dust prevention and dust removal technologies for injection molding, blow molding, foil extrusion and other plastic conversion processes.

pelletroneurope GmbH - DeDuster Bild 1

DeDuster® Applications for the Plastics Processing Industry
Production of high quality end products requires clean plastic pellets. Dust and streamers in plastic pellets cause many problems for the plastics processing industry:
• High “scrap” rates from fines burning in mold
• Blurry surfaces resulting from vaporized dust particles
• Weak spots in fibers
• Flaws in wire insulation
• Gels in films
• Housekeeping problems caused by dust and streamers
• Crusting of feed throat of screw
• Reduced mold and screw life resulting from carbonization of dust
• Mold vents clogged by dust
• Equipment and machines clogged by streamers
• Dust accumulation on silo walls, roofs and hopper walls

pelletroneurope GmbH - DeDuster Bild 2

Black spots and blurry surfaces in injection molded parts are expensive. These defects, caused by dust and streamers, reduce quality and increase scrap rate.

Pelletron's reliable, proven technology, The DeDuster®, provides the solution.

A DeDuster® can be installed directly on top of an injection molding machine or on a dryer, depending on the process requirements. The standard installation is a closed loop configuration with a fan and a dust collector. The removed dust is separated by the dust collector and dropped into a dust bucket and the cleaned air is returned to the DeDuster®. Special configurations for clean room applications are also available.

The use of regrind is also common in the plastics processing industry. Regrind is very dusty and needs to be cleaned before it is mixed with virgin pellets, before packaging into big bags or re-pelletizing.

Specifically for injection molding processes: The C-20 DeDuster®

pelletroneurope GmbH - C-20 DeDuster
C-20 DeDuster® installed on injection molding machine

More information about the C-20 DeDuster® >>>

Products & Services

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Pneumatic Conveying System Leasing Program from Pelletron Corporation


DeDuster systems for plastic pellets
The DeDuster® is a patented fines removal machine for the separation of dust, streamers and other contaminants from all kind of resins and regrind. The DeDuster® is the only machine on the market that removes dust and streamers in ONE unit. The DeDuster® with its low height is designed for installation under the silo before packaging. The DeDuster® doesn’t have any moving parts; it is completely designed in stainless steel and has patent wash decks to remove dust. For the removal of very fine electrostatic charged dust, the DeDuster® is equipped with a patented electromagnetic coil that helps to separate the fine dust from the pellets during the air wash process. Streamers or angel hair will be removed in the patented Venturi Zone of the DeDuster®. Pelletron’s standard DeDuster® is available for capacities from 5kg/h up to 150t/h.

Pelletron also developed the XP-series DeDuster®, the OS-series (Off-Set DeDuster®) and the RC-series (Round-CentraCone DeDuster®). The traditional P-series DeDuster® is mainly used for cleaning regrind. For the plastics processing industry, Pelletron develop the Mini-series DeDuster®, designed to fit on injection molding machines, dryers and other processing machines. Various DeDuster® models are displayed at Pelletron’s booth. Some can be seen in operation.

Pelletron - DeDuster

pellcon3® process for plastic manufacturing and compounding
Selecting a pneumatic conveying system design is important for economic and reliable operation of any plastics manufacturer or compounder. Poorly designed systems lead to plant-wide inefficiencies and high maintenance costs. When designing pneumatic conveying systems, many design parameters must be considered. The length of the system, numbers of elbows and varying material properties all have a significant influence on the determination and sizing of a pneumatic conveying system.

For plastics manufacturing companies or compounders, the quality of the plastic pellets, prior to packaging, is most important. High contents of dust and streamers or angel hair in plastic pellets lead to rejects and lower market prices. The aim of each plastics manufacturer or compounder is the production of the highest quality resin grade with low dust content and no angel hair, at the lowest possible production cost. In order to help customers to achieve this goal, Pelletron developed a new economical conveying process, trade named pellcon3®, based on three major process components:
• Pellbows®
• DeDuster®

STRANDPHASE® is a conveying technology for gentle conveying of granular products. Moderate velocities prevent breakage and attrition of the conveyed product, keeps the generation of dust at a very low level and prevents the creation of long angel hair. STRANDPHASE® does not need special pipe supports or additional steel construction. Most importantly, STRANDPHASE® does not create fine micro-dust, seen in dense phase systems, or long streamers, created in dilute phase systems. In many cases, the pipe diameters are smaller in comparison with dense phase systems. Because of these advantages, the investment costs for large scale STRANDPHASE® systems are much lower than slow motion dense phase systems. In summary, STRANDPHASE® systems guarantee a high quality of the resins, are easy to operate, easy to maintain and low in investment costs.

Pellbow® is a special patented pipe elbow. The design resembles a standard short-radius elbow with a large expanded chamber between the inlet and discharge of the elbow. The soft impact of pellets in the slurry zone and the low wall friction eliminates the creation of streamers. Its pressure loss is only slightly higher than that of standard long- and short- radius elbows. The nature of the design eliminates the build-up of product within the elbow. A complete purge is accomplished simply by using the same conveying air volume and pressure.

DeDuster® is the dust and angel hair removal unit. Regardless of conveying method used, friction is generated by the velocity and pressure. This results in attrition of the conveyed product. The DeDuster® unit removes dust particles providing high quality resin with remaining dust contents below 50PPM. No other dust removal unit can reach this cleaning efficiency.

Existing dense phase and dilute phase systems may be upgraded to incorporate pellcon3® technology.

Upgrading an existing system to pellcon3® provides a quick return of investment. Besides the savings of 20% to 30% compared to dense phase conveying at new plant installations, pellcon3® provides lower operation costs and better product quality, which results in higher resin market prices.

pelletroneurope GmbH - DeDusters und Pellbows

Rotary Valves for pellets & powders
Saving energy was the underlying factor for the development of a low-leakage rotary valve for pneumatic conveying of granular and powder products. Pelletron designed the new low-leakage rotary valve product line to have the lowest air leakage available on the market. Design principle changes were implemented to every aspect of the valve to accomplish this task. These changes include a redesigned valve housing to optimize venting, an increase in the number of rotor vanes and expanded rotor vane tips. Pelletron’s new low-leakage rotary valves are available for various differential pressure applications ranging from 1.5bar to 3.5bar. Depending on the bulk density of the conveyed product, the low-leakage valves are designed for conveying capacities ranging from 2t/h to 100t/h. Pelletron low-leakage rotary valves are available in all stainless steel construction, aluminum hard coated, as well as a stainless steel/aluminum combination. Quick clean versions of the low-leakage rotary valves are also available.

The pellet valves are equipped with a special, new designed anti-chopping device (patent applied). The new valves are displayed at the booth and are in operation as well.

Pelletron - Zellradschleusen für Granulate und Pulver

Rotary Valves for dosing and Metering
Pelletron’s rotary valve can be equipped with a variation of different rotors for dosing and metering. Shallow pocket rotors, segmented chamber rotors and rounded pocket rotors are some examples of the variety. The special rotors can be made for any rotor size. Polished versions are available for sticky products. The pellet valves are equipped with a special, new designed anti-chopping device (patent applied).

Pelletron - Zellenradschleusen für Dosiersysteme

Dedusting systems for dust extraction
The DeDuster®, a patented fines removal technology for all kind of granular products. The DeDuster® with its low height is designed for installation under the silo before packaging. The DeDuster® is the only machine that removes dust and streamers in ONE unit. Besides cleaning of plastic pellets, the DeDuster® can be used for cleaning of minerals, foods and pharmaceutical products as well. Pelletron’s standard DeDuster® is available for capacities from 50kg/h up to 100t/h. Bigger sizes are available on request. Besides the traditional P-series DeDuster®, Pelletron developed the new XP-series, the OS-series (Off-Set DeDuster®) and the RC-series (Round-CentraCone DeDuster®). All DeDusters are displayed at Pelletron’s booth and the new RC DeDuster® can be seen in operation.

Pelletron - Entstaubungssysteme für Staubabsaugung



Visit us at the K show 2016. We are looking forward to welcoming you on our stand (hall 11, stand G57).

pelletroneurope GmbH - Logopelletroneurope GmbH
European Headquarters
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D-88285 Bodnegg

Tel. +49(0)7520.95662-0
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Pelletron Corporation
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17601 Lancaster, PA

Tel. +1 717 293-4008
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Screening machines, classifiers, dedusting systems for plastic pellets / Compounding lines / Separating and sorting systems for waste / Pneumatic conveyors / Dust and fume extraction systems / Dedusting systems



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