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Presents two new ELION models at K 2013s - Trade fair representation at K 2013 under the motto 'Trendgineering'

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Netstal is expanding the successful ELION product range by two new models. At the K 2013 in Dusseldorf, the premium manufacturer will be launching the ELION 4200 with hybrid drive concept and the all-electric version of the ELION 2200 (October 16 to 23, Hall 15, Stand B27/C24/C27/D24). As such, the company is offering two further highly efficient machines for manufacturing complex molded parts for packaging, closures, medical technology and high-precision technical parts. Netstal is showing the ELION 4200 for the first time already at drinktec 2013 (September 16 to 20, Hall B3, Stand 339).

Production of water caps in just 2.0 seconds at K 2013
Netstal will be demonstrating the manufacture of a 29/25 water cap on a new ELION 4200. Mold partner is the Swiss company Schöttli. The HDPE molded part will be produced in a total cycle time of just 2.0 seconds using a 96-cavity mold. Closure cooling and air drying will be carried out using equipment provided by Austrian company Eisbär and ef-cooling from Switzerland, while the German company Intravis is responsible for comprehensive inspection.

Netstal - Cap
Production of a water cap 29/25 in 2,0 seconds at K 2013

Manufacture of 1ml syringe cylinders on fully electric ELION 2200
A 1ml syringe cylinder made from Basell polypropylene will be produced on the new, all-electric ELION 2200. The cycle time will be around 9.6 seconds, achieved despite a product weight of 1.54 grams. Manufacturing of the medical part will take place using a 48-cavity mold from the Swiss company Tanner. Motan (Switzerland) is responsible for material handling, while cooling will be provided by another Swiss-based company, ef-cooling.

New ELION 4200 – thanks to innovative drive unit we achieve highest energy savings
"At K 2013, Netstal will be presenting two new models of the successfully established ELION series, consequently underpinning its position as a market leader for fast and precise machines," said Dr Hans Ulrich Golz, CEO of Netstal and president of the injection molding technology segment of the KraussMaffei Group.

Netstal - ELION 4200
The new model of the ELION series with 4200 kN clamping force

The new 4200 clamping force size is based on the proven hybrid drive concept. The combination of different drive technologies requires an optimized drive concept adapted to requirements. Netstal's innovative Eco Powerunit drive takes full advantage of the energy-saving potential of hybrid technology. In comparison to conventional, hydraulically driven toggle lever machines, the ELION hybrid reduces energy consumption by up to 50 percent, and that at the level of performance not achieved by far by all-electric machines. "Thanks to its innovative dual-valve technology, the high-performance injection unit, which is also used in our EVOS series, is able to reach injection speeds of up to 2,000mm/s at extreme levels of acceleration. This level of injection performance minimizes material use and reduces cycle times. Ultimately, this offers the benefit of lower production costs," explained Dr Golz.

Highest precision and reproducibility for high-quality products in the medical industry
Netstal will also be presenting an expansion of the all-electric ELION product range in the form of clamping force size 2200. A machine that is fast, precise, reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective in terms of operation, the all-electric ELION has all the typical Netstal features and also offers numerous innovative detail solutions that leave nothing to be desired in terms of a state-of-the-art injection molding machine. Consistent cleanroom suitability, high process capabilities and top injection speeds make this injection molding machine the most commonly used core element of complex production systems for the manufacture of applications in the medical technology sector.

Netstal - ELION 2200 vollelektrisch
The new fully electric model of the ELION series – the ELION 2200

ELION's success story began back in 2003, when Netstal launched the all-electric ELION series with clamping forces of 500kN and 1,750kN. Netstal wrote another chapter in the ELION story when it expanded its clamping force range with the 2,200kN and 2,800kN models in 2010 and the 3,200kN model for Fakuma 2012.

Netstal to unveil improved drive unit for EVOS at K2013
Netstal has optimized many of the details on its tried and tested EVOS series and will be unveiling the EVOS 4500 and its new drive unit at K 2013 in Dusseldorf (October 16 - 23, 2013, Hall 15, Stand B27/C24/C27/D24). Using the Eco Powerunit energy-optimized drive, the machine's energy efficiency and performance potential have again been significantly increased. Netstal is consequently reinforcing its position as the premium manufacturer of precision and rapid injection molding applications.

Netstal - EVOS 3500

Drinking cup production in 2.5 seconds
At K 2013, Netstal will be unveiling its EVOS 4500-2000 machine featuring the energy-optimized Eco Powerunit drive already available on the ELION series. Using a 12-cavity mold from Italian company Bianchi, drinking cups will be manufactured from Edistir polystyrene at the trade fair in an impressive cycle time of just 2.5 seconds. Automation is being provided by devices from another Italian-based company, Campetella. Material handling will be taken care of by the Swiss company Motan, with cooling supplied by ef-cooling, also from Switzerland.

Netstal - Trinkbecher
Drinking cup production in 2,5 seconds on the EVOS 4500-2000 during K 2013

A new dimension in energy efficiency
Utilization of state-of-the-art hydraulic drive components in conjunction with a variable speed synchronous motor enables drive performance to be adjusted at any time to meet current production cycle requirements. Depending on the application, this could reduce energy consumption by up to 30 percent compared to that of conventional hydraulic drive systems. "With EVOS, we are offering a universally deployable and extremely versatile machine that fully meets the exacting requirements of our customers," declared Marcel Christen, head of project management at Netstal. EVOS is synonymous with efficient, high-performance injection molding and, thanks to its hybrid drive technology, reduced energy consumption. Its modular system design means that the clamping unit, plasticizing unit and drive can be selected and configured to meet specifically tailored application requirements. The division of the clamping and injection units into two separate machine modules also allows the manufacturing and assembly processes to be run in parallel.

Production of Irrigation Drippers
Netstal will be demonstrating the resource-conserving production of irrigation drippers on the stand of partner company T.H.E. Machines (Hall 12, Stand A51). In addition to supplying water and filtering, this application is used in drip irrigation systems to irrigate agricultural areas.

Total efficiency with machines from Netstal
Netstal will be demonstrating the manufacture of flat drippers made of Dow HDPE using an all-electric ELION 1200-530 on the stand of partner company T.H.E. Machines. In a cycle time of just 2.5 seconds, the high-precision technical parts will be produced in a 64-cavity mold from Swiss company Pro Tool. Cooling is to be provided by Swiss-based ef-cooling, while another Swiss company, Motan, will be responsible for material handling

Netstal - Flat Dripper

VAll-electric and high-precision
Fast, precise, reliable, user-friendly and efficient in operation: the all-electric ELION has all the typical Netstal features and also offers numerous innovative detail solutions that leave nothing to be desired in terms of a state-of-the-art injection molding machine. "Netstal is the ideal partner when it comes to manufacturing irrigation drippers for SDI systems," emphasized Ruedi Speck, head of the TEC business unit at Netstal. Thanks to more precise metering, dynamic injection, optimal energy efficiency and extremely short dry cycle times in comparison to other injection molding machines on the market, production of this high-precision application is exceptionally cost-effective and efficient.

Drip irrigation – every drop counts
Clean water is on the way to becoming a luxury item. Its scarcity is the result of a growing world population and global warming. Using water as a resource sensibly and efficiently is becoming a global challenge. The solution to this problem is SDI (subsurface drip irrigation). A drip irrigation system comprises a total of three parts: a water supply, a filtering system and distribution through so-called drippers – the latter being a Netstal domain. Be it a question of cylindrical or flat drippers, both can be produced extremely cost-effectively on Netstal machines. High cavity volumes (currently up to 128-cavity), optimal precision and reproducibility, and cycle times of between two and five seconds all speak for themselves. The finished drippers are inserted into a PE hose on an extrusion line to ensure the best possible flow precision. Drippers manufactured on Netstal machines currently achieve a maximum flow-through deviation of 1.5 percent. This guarantees accurate and uniform irrigation of agricultural land and a significant saving of water resources compared to conventional irrigation systems.

About Netstal
The Netstal product brand stands for first-class, high-performance, high-precision injection molding machinery and system solutions. Netstal customers set a high value on the company’s continuous drive to innovate, excellent service and efficient, high-performance engineering solutions, especially for the beverage, packaging and medical technology industries. The Netstal brand, embodied by the Netstal company with its long engineering tradition in Näfels, Switzerland, has been part of the KraussMaffei Group since 1992.

Visit us at the K Trade Fair. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth  (hall 15, booth D24).

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