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Infrared Heaters and Hot Air Drying Systems

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Since 1975  we developed and produced Infrared-Heaters with highest performance and fast reaction. Due to the highly acknowledged Swiss quality, KRELUS is in a position to supply products worldwide to more than 60 countries. Our high performance equipments are used on all continents.

Krelus - Firmengebäude

Our main competency is the precise application, planning and execution of our customers' requirements. Thanks to the innovative technology of our products we can usually find solutions with substantial energy saving effects for our customers.


The fast medium wave KRELUS IR-heaters are superior
Due to the physical properties of almost all materials which can be treated by infrared, the medium-wave radiation in the range of 2,5 µm - 3,5 µm gets the best results. This is just the emission range where our KRELUS-IR-heaters gets the highest performance

Our modular and custom made IR-heaters leave all opportunities for the individual, almost endless applications.

The KRELUS-IR-heaters are working with the shortest reaction time ON/OFF. This guarantees the highest economical use of electrical energy and fastest adaption to required temperatures on product surfaces. Consequently our IR-heaters are highly active with gentle action for treated products and even more important: they are energy saving.

Krelus - Supermini

The advantages of the KRELUS IR-heaters
• highest energy efficiency
• fast respond ON/OFF
• no increased start-up current
• medium wave energy in the best absorption range
• continuously controllable from ambient to 850°C (1562°F) 2,5 µm - 9,6 µm
• power density up to 50 kW/m2 (5 W/cm2)
• full area heating / radiating
• modular sizes and custom made
• from 250 mm (10") to 9500 mm (374")
• all voltages from 10 Volt to 660 Volt
• fully controllable

Krelus AG - Modul-Strahler Spezial

Applications examples
• coating of plastic, textile, paper, etc.
• thermoforming
• activating of glue
• lamination
• melting of plastic powder
• curing of plastics (gelification)
• preheating before embossing
• welding of car parts (also in 3D)

generally: everywhere in the industry where the energy saving factor becomes important for the infrared application.

Custom IR-heaters
KRELUS also supplies the electrical and electronic controls with temperature controlling, always according to customers requirements.



Hotmelt lamination


Dip coating

Offset Printing  

Visit us at the K exhibition. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall 3, booth E34).

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Ausserfeldstrasse 14
CH-5036 Oberentfelden

Tel. +41-(0)62 739 30 70 
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