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FOBOHA (Germany) GmbH
Develops and produces sophisticated injection molds from single component standard molds, stack molds up to twin cube systems with In-Mold-Assembly

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Adval Tech  FOBOHA with their locations in 5630 Muri, Switzerland, and 77716 Haslach, Germany, develops and produces sophisticated injection molds for uncompromising quality and top cost efficiency. From single-component standard molds to Single Face and Stack Molds for thin-wall applications to cube molds to twin-cube systems with in-mold assembly. In addition, FOBOHA has become established as a specialist in turnkey production systems with perfectly coordinated machines, molds and automation.

Foboha - Formenbau

FOBOHA Germany
The headquarter of FOBOHA is located in D-77716 Haslach, consisting of 9,000 m² fully air-conditioned production halls and a 1500 m2 technology center. For over 40 years FOBOHA has been developing innovative technologies and offering impeccable services here.

In the competence center in Muri, Switzerland, precision molds for highest demands for production of thin-wall packagings are constructed.

Product development, design and manufacture of high-performance molds, in-mold-assembly, turnkey production systems

packaging, consumer and personal care, medical, automotive and technical parts

ISO 9001:2008 (PDF file)

Production solutions - Info >>>

We advise clients starting with the initial development of plastic parts. With plastic- appropriate design and a tailored production solution, we help customers industrialize their product ideas efficiently. We contribute our many years of experience to the development process, and employ the latest CAD and simulation software.

Whether using multicomponent, cube or thin-wall technology, FOBOHA develops tailor-made injection molds for customers that are compelling both technically and economically. Modular mold designs and guaranteed interchangeability of all mold components offer maximum service life with minimum cycle times.

• Rheological analysis of mold filling
• Optimum mold cooling using the latest contour cooling systems
• Optimum hotrunner layout
• Thermal layout of the complete mold
• Modular mold design with optimum accessibility

Production of molds
With a steady stream of new developments and numerous patents, we have demonstrated our worldwide leadership in the production of injection molds again and again.

• Air-conditioned production with a high degree of automation
• Guaranteed interchangeability of mold parts and spare parts
• Documentation of each process step

Acceptance & classification
Injection molding equipment with clamping forces ranging from 1100 to 5000 kN is available at our sites for testing of molds. We also have room to install customer equipment on our premises to optimize the production process. We validate the equipment and the mold according to customer specifications or internal standards by conducting a capability analysis over several hours, taking and analyzing samples. The infrastructure and available space at our locations make them an ideal venue for intensive training for our customers.

After-sales services
We continue to support our customers once the molds have been placed in production. We offer:

• Worldwide on-site service
• On-site support and training
• On-site commissioning and process optimization
• Quick delivery of spare parts
• Guaranteed interchangeability of mold parts and spare parts

Technology & capabilities

Overview injection molds - Info >>>

Whether it's a single-component standard mold or a highly efficient cube or twin-cube system with in-mold assembly, we offer our customers uncompromising quality and impeccable process security with top cost-efficiency.

Single-component molds
Tailored to customer needs anywhere in the world, FOBOHA develops and builds high-performance injection molds with maximum output volume and availability. We guarantee interchangeability of all parts within the mold and among molds of the same design for all FOBOHA molds.  We have repeatedly set new industry standards with our multicavity molds..

Foboha - Einkomponentenformen
Single-component molds

Stack molds
Our stack molds stand for uncompromising quality and high efficiency. Switching tool modules for product families is quick and easy, for example when making containers of different heights but with identical openings. Our sophisticated cooling technology enables very short cycle times and extremely thin-walled packaging.

Multi-component molds
Our multi-component molds set the standard for production of plastic multi-component parts. We've been developing and building multi-component molds for over 35 years, employing standard technologies such as rotary table technology, index technology and the core retraction technique. And we are the company that made the stack-turning and cube technologies industry standards.
For customers with new product ideas incorporating multiple varieties of plastic, FOBOHA is the provider of choice, worldwide. Drawing on our years of experience, we develop production solutions based on our customers' needs, and we have the ability to compare and assess the capabilities of the various technologies.

Stack-turning molds/Cube molds
With the FOBOHA stack-turning technology, parts are processed within the turning system at different levels. This makes it possible to inject parts on both levels in the same production step and eject the finished parts at the available station. The next turn (2 x 180° or 4 x 90°) moves the new substrates to the newly freed processing station.

Advantages of the technology:

• Highly complex parts can be produced on a single machine
• The clamping force of the machine can be halved
• Cavities can be doubled
• Production cycles are significantly shorter

More information can be found here.

Foboha - Etagenformen
Stack-turning molds

Turning systems - Info
We develop and build all turning systems in-house. Benefits of our patented technology:

• Robust and easy to maintain
• Precise positioning through mechanical indexing
• Choice of hydraulic or servo-electric drive
• Short rotation times

Handling Equipment - Info >>>
We develop and build standardized handling equipment in-house. The equipment is very robust and easy to maintain. A flexible basic design is easily adap
ted to specific requirements.

Our customers most often use FOBOHA handling equipment in combination with our cube molds. The benefit is clear: with only one vendor for both systems, the ideal interface configuration is guaranteed. Since we build the control cabinet ourselves, we have full control over the entire process, from design to programming to commissioning.

FOBOHA handling equipment is designed to remove the product from the free side of a cube mold with the mold closed. Additional functions such as attaching a flip- top lid or assembling two plastic pieces are specially developed for a given application. Each system is built atop the modular basic handling design developed by FOBOHA.

Markets & applications

Every day many millions of products in the most varied industries are produced using FOBOHA molds. Thanks to our individualized, tailor-made production solutions, new product ideas are economically industrialized and produced all over the world.

Thin-wall packaging - Info >>>
Further benefits of FOBOHA high-performance molds:

• Modular design enables short set-up times and a high degree of flexibility for the customer.
• By switching mold inserts, the basic mold can be used for different products.
• Innovative cooling technology and the use of selected coatings guarantees shorter cycle times and a long
   mold service life.
• The mold designs are developed at our Center of Excellence in Muri, Switzerland for maximum availability
   and the thinnest possible walls.
• In combination with in-mold labeling (IML), our molds offer a production concept to meet the most demanding

Caps - Info >>>
Marketing strategists know that caps not only have to function flawlessly, they also have to look good. With our molds and production concepts, we industrialize ideas from your marketing department too – in an economical and innovative fashion, and with a focus on the shortest cycle times and high availability. Our multi-component technology offers a wide range of options for combining function and attractive cap design in an ideal form to help your product stand out.

Consumer goods - Info >>>
Consumer goods and personal care products are expected to meet the highest standards in terms of design and function. With our multi-component technology, consumer goods get a visual upgrade and functional improvements. Razor handles with a TPE layer in the grip recess are more comfortable in the hand and stand out visually.

Medical and laboratory products - Info >>>
Medical and laboratory products must meet the highest standards. As a result, the manufacture of medical products requires molds especially designed to meet these standards. FOBOHA has developed and built forms for this application area with great success for many years.

Automotive industry - Info >>>
FOBOHA has worked with companies in the automotive industry for over 30 years. Customers use our molds to produce plastic parts with high-grade surfaces. Innovative product ideas require innovative production solutions. With our in-mold assembly technology, plastic parts are formed within a single mold and sub-sequently assembled right in the mold.

Foboha - Automobilindustrie

• Injection molds for the packaging industry (household, beverages, personal care, food)
• Injection molds for the healthcare industry (medical devices, primary and secondary packaging)
• Injection molds for the consumer industry (personal care)
• Multi Material Technology 
• Stack Molds
• Hot Runner System
• IML (In Mold Labelling)
• IMA (In Mold Assembly)
• FOBOHA Cube Technology
• FOBOHA Stack Turning Technology
• FOBOHA Double Cube Technology
• Product Development in 3D
• Pilot Molds 
• Prototyping 
• Single Face Molds
• System Integration 
• World Wide Service
• Product Lifetime Service
• Take out devices 
• Automation
• Small series production

Visit us at the K show 2016. We are looking forward to welcoming you on our stand (hall 1, stand B23).

FOBOHA (Germany) GmbH
Im Mühlegrün 8
D-77716 Haslach

Tel. +49 78 32 798 0
Fax +49 78 32 798 988

English website: www.foboha.com/en/index.html

FOBOHA (Switzerland) AG
Pilatusring 2
CH-5630 Muri

Tel. +41 56 675 44 44
Fax +41 56 675 44 42


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