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A cool way to increase productivity and quality - ASCOJET –
Mould cleaning with dry ice

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Efficient cleaning of moulds and tools is becoming increasingly important, not only to improve quality and productivity but also to reduce costs by minimising wear of moulds and tools and avoiding shut-down time. With its ASCOJET dry ice blasting technol­ogy, Swiss company ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD offers a powerful but gentle cleaning method to clean all kind of moulds and tools (e.g. plastic injection moulds, moulds for PU- pro- duction). ASCO specialises in integrating dry ice blasting into the daily work process and al­ready many companies in the plastic and PU sector have benefitted from this experience.

ASCO KOHLENSÄURE AG - Spritzgussform
Mould cleaning without dismantling

This innovative cleaning method offers the following advantages:

    Gentle: The surfaces of the moulds and tools are not damaged or altered. The edges and corners remain intact and the product quality is improved.

    No dismantling: ASCOJET Dry Ice Blasting can be applied directly onto the production plant. The forms do not need to be removed or cooled down allowing virtually continuous production and avoiding expensive shut-down time. This way the cleaning process can easily be integrated as a fixed part of the production process.

    No secondary waste: The blasting material, dry ice (100 % CO2), turns to gas as soon as it hits the surface. Thus, there is no blasting material or chemical substances to be disposed of.

    Dry: As this blasting system leaves a dry surface, there is no danger that electrical components could be damaged.

    Environmentally friendly: As no secondary waste is caused and no solvents or other chemical substances are used, ASCOJET dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly cleaning method.

Offers significant cost savings for tool and mould cleaning to the plastic industry: Dry Ice Blasting Unit ASCOJET 908K

How does it work

Dry ice is 100 % solid CO2. Inside a dry ice pelletizer liquid CO2 is converted into dry ice snow by controlled expansion. This dry ice snow (approx. -79°C) is pressed through an extruder plate to make small pellets with a diameter of 3 mm. These pellets are fed into the ASCOJET Dry Ice Blasting Unit and conveyed to the blasting gun, from where they are shot at a speed of up to 300m/s onto the contaminated surface. Due to the sudden thermo shock generated on the surface to be cleaned, the coating or dirt contracts, becomes brittle and cracks. This cracking of the surface allows the pellets to reach in under the dirt and remove it. The additional kinetic energy removes the coating/dirt from the surface. Immediately after impact, the pellet sublimates and goes back to atmosphere as a pure CO2 gas without leaving any moisture behind. The only thing left is the coating or dirt removed from the surface; no blasting media has to be disposed of. As dry ice cleaning is virtually non-abrasive, the surface quality is maintained.

ASCO KOHLENSÄURE AG - PU Formenreinigung vorher  ASCO KOHLENSÄURE AG - PU Formenreinigung nachher
Plastic injection mould before …               … and after cleaning with dry ice

New: Dry Ice Blasting Unit ASCOJET 908K
Especially developed for the plastics industry is ASCO’s new Dry Ice Blasting Unit ASCOJET 908K. Manufacturers, particularly in the sector of plastic injection moulding appreciate this newly launched unit, which offers also to this sector significant cost savings for tool and mould cleaning. Key benefits of this speciality product are very easy handling, low air consumption and a handy gun with a specially designed short plastic nozzle. This way, moulds can be cleaned online without being damaged.

Further information on www.ascojet.com.

ASCO KOHLENSÄURE AG - PU Formenreinigung
Cleaning of PU foaming tool – reduced tool wear thanks to gentle ASCOJET dry ice blasting.

About ASCO:
ASCO is a provider of complete CO2 and dry ice solutions. The product range includes dry ice blasting units, dry ice production machines, CO2 production and recovery plants, various CO2 and dry ice accessories as well as ongoing special projects. With this all-encompassing approach ASCO has been a leading provider in the field of dry ice blasting technology for almost 20 years. ASCO offers not only powerful dry ice blasting machines but complete individual solutions including comprehensive advice, e.g. optimal integration into the production process, dry ice logistics, noise control etc.

ASCO KOHLENSÄURE AG - Spritzgussform vorher - nachher
Plastic injection mould before and after cleaning with dry ice



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