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Weisser + Griesshaber GmbH
Precision in mold and material

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A passion for solutions.
When the exhaust valve moves faultlessly and the optical sensor works  flawlessly, when the filter in the ABS provides reliable protection to the  valves and water achieves the desired utility in household applications,  when offices and apartments enjoy comforting warmth or the coffee machine  hums pleasantly – then surely you will find components from Weisser +  Griesshaber somewhere.

Consistently focused on applications, with a passion for solutions, our work  is based on four core technologies:

• toothed wheels and gears
• insert technology and hybrid components
• thin wall technology and microfilters
• lenses and optical components.

Core technologies

Cogs and gears

Force, moment, movement -  rotation

Toothed wheels and gear mechanisms as technical elements for drives and  rotary motion are a traditional field of business for our company. We earned  our spurs for injection molding technology with all-plastic solutions for  the timepiece industry.

Expertise and areas of application:
Our many years of experience in development can provide you with the  solutions and support you need in applications as diverse as the grinding  gears of a coffee machine, drives in CD and DVD players, automotive locking  systems, industrial positioning modules or motion control for mobile units,  where strength, efficiency, resistance to wear as well as cogs and gears  with low noise are important.

Weisser + Griesshaber GmbH - Verzahnung und Getriebe Bild 1   Weisser + Griesshaber GmbH - Verzahnung und Getriebe Bild 2   Weisser + Griesshaber GmbH - Verzahnung und Getriebe Bild 3

Insert technology and hybrid components

Flush fit, high class, flexible  in design

Anchoring axles, drive collars, shafts or punched conductor strips in  injection mol- ded parts or encapsulating them entirely offers highly  interesting possibilities for opening new technical horizons.

Expertise and areas of application:
We manufacture such hybrid components and do so in a very cost-effective  man- ner. In this way we make an important contribution today to innovation  for products and components such as connectors, automatic gearboxes and  common rail systems, motion detectors, seat adjustments and playback modules  and will con- tinue to do so in the future.

Weisser + Griesshaber GmbH - Inserttechnik und Hybridbauteile Bild 1   Weisser + Griesshaber GmbH - Inserttechnik und Hybridbauteile Bild 2   Weisser + Griesshaber GmbH - Inserttechnik und Hybridbauteile Bild 3

Thin wall technology and microfilters

Thin-walled, long-flowing,  filigree structrure

The field of thin wall technology is in the initial stages of its  development, and we are entirely committed to providing our partners with  solutions that have been proven in practice.

Expertise and areas of application:
Large weight reductions, fast duty cycles and significant increases in  production capacities speak for themselves. This is why millions of our  products are used for preparing liquid media in building technology,  protecting control valves in antilock brake systems (ABS), in solutions for  rigid housings and covers and in thin-walled connector systems.

Weisser + Griesshaber GmbH - Dünnwandtechnik und Mikrofilter Bild 1   Weisser + Griesshaber GmbH - Dünnwandtechnik und Mikrofilter Bild 2   Weisser + Griesshaber GmbH - Dünnwandtechnik und Mikrofilter Bild 3

Lenses and optical components

Brilliant, optically flawless,  precision design

The range of high-performance lenses made of plastic includes spherical  and aspherical lenses, cylindrical, toric and biconic lenses and triple  elements. We have focused on acquiring specialized expertise in development,  design and material selection in this field of competence.

Expertise and areas of application:
You can rely completely on our competence, which is accompanied by  outstanding cost-effective production efficiency. For optical fibers in an  illuminated display, lenses in optical sensor components, laser scanners,  lighting optics, bar code reader systems, reflectors and more: our injection  molded parts with impressive transparency and high-quality optical  interfaces provide a reliable basis for a multitude of optical functions.

Weisser + Griesshaber GmbH - Linsen und optische Bauteile Bild 1   Weisser + Griesshaber GmbH - Linsen und optische Bauteile Bild 2   Weisser + Griesshaber GmbH - Linsen und optische Bauteile Bild 3



Better ideas make it quickly

There has been enormous technical progress over the past years and decades. And we can say proudly that we have played a leading role in innovative develop- ments.

Project management and development:
Knowledge of the expectations and future plans of our partners leads to creative technical solutions for synthetic materials and composites. Developing product solutions according to requirements specifications and making these solutions available for reliable manufacturing processes of high operational efficiency is our strength.

With the help of 3-D CAD workstations and component simulation we can carry out rapid product development and appropriate design with plastics, including the implementation of prototype products.

Mold technology

A handle of design - timely and cost-effective

Supported by 3-D CAD/CAM workstations, our experienced designers, master technicians and mold machinists work closely with customers to produce the desired product in its initial production-ready, durable form, resulting in high-capacity injection molding tools and operating equipment that ensures quality.

Weisser + Griesshaber GmbH - Formenbau

Injection molding plant

Bringing plastic into shape

Our three plants for plastics injection molding equipment operate in three shifts with 100 injection machines to produce high-precision injection molding parts from 0.01 g up to 250 g. Fifteen CAQ workstations integrated in production complete what began as a clever idea.

We process all thermoplastic materials from thermoplastic elastomers to high- performance polymers with a wide range of fillers, reinforcing materials and other additives. The locking pressures of our injection machines range from 15 to 200 tons.


Special orders are not a problem

For many years we have also specialized on the finishing of injection parts in a subsequent processing step. Our services range from minor in-house assembly work to outsourced chrome plating of plastic parts.

Further processing:

We can permanently weld parts by ultrasound. The joints are impermeable to water and dust. In addition, threaded sockets and pins can also be welded into the plastic.
Hot stamping and pad printing are processes we use to apply various imprints to the plastic parts.

Quality assurance

Highest product quality in all phases

Our integrated management system (IMS) provides us with a capable tool to make quality an integral part of our processes, not just an afterthought. Equipped throughout with tools such as a CAQ system including image processing (SPC, PMV, PP, WE, WA, RM, APQP, FMEA, control plan and initial sample inspection), our processes are certified according to TS 16949, DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 and DIN EN ISO 14001.



Visit us at Fakuma. We would be very pleased to meet you on our booth.

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