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TEKUMA Kunststoff GmbH
Over 30 years of experience in the sale of engineering plastics

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Who we are ?
over 30 years of experience ….

… in the sale of engineering plastics mean a successful basis for us to fulfil your requirements.
With 23 employees we belong to one of the small firms among the big ones. But with a turnover volume of 30 Mio EUR we find ourselves among the top group in our branch.
Our sales team maintains personal contact to its clients and supports their individual requests with personal commitment.
We can offer a highly efficient logistic via our warehouse partners and haulage contractor with more than 1000 vehicles and can be sure that your orders are delivered safely in time.

TEKUMA Kunststoff GmbH - Granulat

You desire ?
Promptness, punctuality, and competitive prices
… have been repeatedly proven with our long standing customer relationships.
In future we will continue to be a competent and reliable partner with whom you can do good business in order to be able to act more successfully in the market.
Come to us!
We gladly make you offers with no obligation.

What do we offer ?
A wide ranging assortment...
…means that we can offer you over 600 types of engineering plastics in different qualities and prices and a large range of special materials.
Due to worldwide purchasing and our exclusive agencies we are in the position to offer you brand name quality at competitive prices. Furthermore we have our own product range of alternative industrial qualities.

How do we work ?
Quickly, flexibly and reliably…
… a lot of firms claim to this.
With us you can experience daily the short channels of decision, quick reaction times and flexibility regarding prices and ability to deliver.
The certification DIN EN ISO is now standard practice. We realized early the mutual benefit of customer and supplier and have been working according to the specifications of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 since 1994.
We practice partnership and spare no effort to fulfil your requirements as well as possible. Whatever it is: technological information, special delivery and packaging regulations or the purchase of remaining stock, we want you to be satisfied.


Quality you wish for
Exclusive Representations
All the products of our exclusive representations have been well tried and tested by our clients and can compete anytime with other brand name products.
For complete tables, data sheets, releases/references please click on the individual product group.

We have compiled a survey table with the guidelines for the processing of our engineering plastics for you.

 Kepital POM KEP Co. Ltd., Korea
 Starex ABS ABS Samsung-Logo Cheil Industries Inc., Korea
 Starex SAN SAN Samsung-Logo Cheil Industries Inc., Korea
 Starex-PS FR PS FR Samsung-Logo Cheil Industries Inc., Korea
 Starex-ASA ASA Samsung-Logo Cheil Industries Inc., Korea
 Infino-PC/ABS PC/ABS Samsung-Logo Cheil Industries Inc., Korea
 Infino-PC/ASA PC/ASA Samsung-Logo Cheil Industries Inc., Korea
 Infino-PC/PET PC/PET Samsung-Logo Cheil Industries Inc., Korea
 Infino-PC PC Samsung-Logo Cheil Industries Inc., Korea
 Infino-PBT PBT Samsung-Logo Cheil Industries Inc., Korea
 Infino-MPPE MPPE Samsung-Logo Cheil Industries Inc., Korea
 Infino-PPS PPS Samsung-Logo Cheil Industries Inc., Korea
 Niblend PC/ABS SOREDI S.R.L., Italien
 Niretan A PA66 SOREDI S.R.L., Italien
 Niretan B PA6 SOREDI S.R.L., Italien
 Niplene PP SOREDI S.R.L., Italien
 Tecnoprene PP/GF P-Group Deutschland GmbH
 Talcoprene PP/TV P-Group Deutschland GmbH
 Pibiter PBT P-Group Deutschland GmbH
 Sinkral ABS POLIMERI EUROPA GmbH, Eschborn
 Kostil SAN POLIMERI EUROPA GmbH, Eschborn


Own products
We keep in storage - and are therefore available straightaway - 1A quality goods at interesting prices.

Alternative industrial qualities
...complete our product range in this area.

Visit us at the Fakuma. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall B1, booth 1216) .

Tekuma - LogoTEKUMA Kunststoff GmbH
Röntgenstr. 2
D-21465 Reinbek

Tel. +49 40 727 70 2-0
Fax. +49 40 722 89 69




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