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Riwisa AG
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Plastics to perfektion
RIWISA AG was founded on 11th March 1946 by Martin Richner, Adolf Wirth and Joseph Sax as one of the first plastics’ processing firms in Switzerland. Initially the firm made a name for itself in the processing of buttons and toilet seats made from duroplastics and later in the manufacture of thermoplastics. From 1955 RIWISA AG produced polyaethylene, polyamide and multi-layer films as well as disposable packaging from 1957. In 1998 the production of medicinal items started under clean-room conditions.

Riwisa AG - Luftaufnahme Firmengebäude
Aerial photo of the firm’s premises

The pioneer spirit has been a feature of the family firm from the beginning. Since then RIWISA AG has continuously invested into the latest technologies and infrastructure. Inseparably linked with the firm’s philosophy is the ambition also to succeed in international competition.

Today, with more than 300 employees, RIWISA AG is numbered among the lea- ding European manufacturers in the plastics’ processing field. Today the second- generation brothers, Gerold and Peter Richner, are responsible for managing the firm.

The departments are divided into the three main areas.

• Industrial production - Information >>>
Construction of plant and machinery, electrical engineering, vehicle construction, domestic engineering, domestic appliances, control engineering, security- and data systems engineering, sanitary fittings, telecommunications

• Consumer Produktion - Information >>>
Drinking cups, yoghurt pots, cans for coffee cream

• Medical production - Information >>>
Medical devices, implants, diagnostic equipment

At RIWISA AG quality control has the highest priority. In 1994 we were awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certificate and in 1996 the ISO 13485:2000 certificate for medical products. The fact that our regular clientele have been with us for many years proves that we successfully satisfy the needs of our customers.



Visit us at the Fakuma 2011. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall A2, booth 2301).

Riwisa LogoRIWISA AG
CH-5607 Hägglingen

Tel. +41 (0)56 616 93 93
Fax +41 (0)56 616 93 30



Ort / Place
Messe Friedrichshafen

Datum / Date
14.10. - 18.10.2014


Kontakt / Contact
P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG
T +49 (0) 7025 9206-0
F +49 (0) 7025 9206-620


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