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Netstal to unveil new ELION 3200 model at Fakuma 2012

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Netstal writes the next chapter in the ELION success story – a trade fair presentation at the Fakuma under the motto “Be efficient”

Netstal has expanded its product range with the ELION 3200 and will be unveiling the new machine to the public for the first time at Fakuma 2012 in Friedrichshafen (Hall A7 – Stand 7303/7304). In line with the motto “Be efficient”, Netstal is effectively offering a highly efficient solution for manufacturing complex molded parts in the packaging, caps, medical technology and high-precision technical part segments.

Netstal - ELION3200
The new state-of-the-art ELION 3200 hybrid

The new ELION 3200 at the Fakuma
At Fakuma 2012, Netstal will be presenting the new ELION 3200 as part of a complete system for manufacturing thin-walled lids for cream cheese packaging. The company Müller Fabriques des Moules SA from Conthey (Switzerland) will also be participating as Netstal’s mold and automation partner. Using a 4+4-cavity stack mold, the polypropylene injection-molded part is produced in an overall cycle time of less than 3.5 seconds. The fully automated system places the labels, extracts the finished parts and stacks them, thereby achieving a maximum output of 8,230 units per hour.

State-of-the-art hybrid technology: maximum performance capability and exceptional energy efficiency
“The ELION 3200 is the epitome of production efficiency, which greatly benefits our customers,” declared Marcel Christen, head of project management at Netstal. This high-performance machine is based on an innovative hybrid drive concept that combines different drive technologies. The energy-saving potential of hybrid technology is fully exploited using the innovative Eco-Powerunit drive. In com- parison to conventional, hydraulically-driven toggle lever machines, the ELION hybrid reduces energy consumption by up to 40 percent.

The ELION 5-point toggle lever with crank drive

ELION – a successful concept
ELION’s success story began back in 2003, when Netstal launched its all-electric ELION range with clamping forces of between 500kN and 1,750kN onto the market. 2010 saw the range of clamping forces expanded to include the 2,200kN and 2,800kN models. “The ELION has been one of the most efficient and precise machines on the market from the very outset and meets both Netstal’s and our customers’ premium performance standards to the full,” explained Marcel Christen. Thanks to its modular construction, the ELION can be flexibly customized to meet individual customer requirements with ease. For example, the electrically-driven clamping unit can also be married to the established high-performance hydraulic injection unit from the EVOS range and consequently produce the perfect machine for meeting the complex needs of the packaging industry.

A unique clamping concept and superlative injection performance
The exceptional ELION clamping unit with its central 5-point toggle lever and innovative crank drive not only offers dynamic performance that is unsurpassed on the market, but also runs efficiently and quietly. Specially designed to cope with maximum speeds, the clamping unit has a high-level of rigidity and homogeneously distributes the clamping force. The moving mold plate is precisely mounted on durable linear guides and the tie-bars remain dry and totally free of oil. As such, the ELION is also perfect for medical technology applications or the manufacture of high-precision technical parts. Thanks to innovative dual-valve technology, the high-performance injection unit that is also used in the EVOS machine range can achieve injection speeds of up to 2,000 mm/sec at tremendous levels of acceleration. Thin-walled packaging parts can be formed in filling times of under 0.1 of a second. This injection performance enables both materials and cycle times to be reduced, which ultimately results in lower production costs for our customers.

EVOS injection unit boasting superlative injection performance

Visit us at the Fakuma 2012. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall A7, booth 7304).

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