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MPDV Mikrolab GmbH
MES HYDRA – the Tool for Economic Production in the Plastics Industry

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At the FAKUMA 2012 in hall A4, booth 4106 MPDV will present a system how plastic manufacturers can meet the challenge of producing efficiently and at the same time economically, which is made possible by the support of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) HYDRA. This system has been customized specifically to cater to the needs of the plastics ma- nufacturing industry.

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Stop Wasting Energy - Save Costs
MES HYDRA offers functionalities in one system – if the focus is on targeted recording, analysis and visualization of energy data, consumption analysis in terms of production parameters, energy index or strategic planning to improve energy balance. Therefore, energy waste and energy guzzlers can easily be identified and targeted measures to increase energy efficiency can be implemented. Thereby, HYDRA supports companies to realize energy saving measures stated in DIN EN ISO 50001 and the German Resource Efficiency Program (ProgRess).

Assured Quality of Products and Processes
With the Tracking & Tracing functionality of the MES solution HYDRA, plastic manufacturers can operate, fully document and archive on a long-term basis the complete development process from raw material to the finished product. Thus enabling the manufacturers to retrace the root cause or immediately identify a quality problem which is essential for manufacturers of medical products having to adhere to very strict legal regulations and standards (FDA, GMP, EU 178/2002). HYDRA’s integrated CAQ functions have a share in every phase of the manufacturing process thereby ensuring that only quality checked products will flow into production as well as all machinery, tools and testing equipment can produce flawlessly.

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A good Deal More – 360-Vision on all Processes and Resources
For plastic manufacturers with a multi-level and interlinked production and heterogeneous machinery, meaning companies not only using tools of one manufacturer but also handling devices, printing and NC-finishing or the ones who have to include assembly, it is not sufficient anymore for tooling manu-facturers to view the process from a technical perspective. Due to the integration of all processes, it is essential that all involved resources are considered. Apart from machinery these are material, personnel, tooling, auxiliary materials as well as testing and measuring equipment. An integrated system having a great, horizontal orientation as given by MPDV’s MES HYDRA is essential to such companies.

MPDV makes available to the plastics industry an all-round powerful tool with the MES solution HYDRA. Helping to increase productivity, lowering energy costs and optimize all aspects of produc-tion.

MES Experts
MES HYDRA is based on over 30 years of experience and more than 300 implemented projects in the field of plastics production. Leading manufacturers like Phoenix Contact, Ruch Novaplast, Gerresheimer, Paul Craemer, EMSA, Harting, Magna, Oechsler, Gerhardi or geobra Brandstaetter etc., are using HYDRA to optimize and operate plastics production.

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Company profile
MPDV Mikrolab GmbH (www.mpdv.de), headquartered in Mosbach, has been developing Manufac-turing Execution Systems (MES) for more than 30 years. In addition, MPDV offers services for the implementation of MES solutions. These include application consulting, implementation and customizing, software modifications, project management, training and education as well as support and service. The company currently employs 190 people in eleven locations in Germany, Switzerland, France, Singapore, China, and the USA. Approximately 750 customers come from a variety of industry sectors ranging from metals processing to medical technology and from small and medium sized businesses to major enterprises. MPDV Campus offers a broad range of consulting and educational services for manufacturing companies. The main focus is on Lean Management and appropriate Lean methods as well as on software tools that increase economic efficiency.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) by MPDV result in more efficient production processes and increased productivity. How they work: data is collected not only from the production sector, but also from the quality and HR sectors, evaluated and displayed virtually in real time. Consequently, designated personnel can respond immediately to malfunctions in production and explore potentials to increase economic efficiency.

Visit us at the Fakuma 2012. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall A4, booth 4106).

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