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From 13th to 17th October 2015 Moretto will be glad to attend the 24th edition of the Fakuma exhibition. Customers and visitors are welcome to the stand 3208, hall B3, but not only: operators from the plastics sector will enjoy an overview of Moretto technology just outside the hall in a flaming red Motorhome.

The proverbial courtesy and expertise of the staff will take the visitors to a journey through two great novelties: Eureka Plus, completion of the Eureka project, whose perfect drying process definitively comes full circle, and ONE WIRE 6, the only auto-adaptive conveying system in the market.

Eureka Plus
The result of 13 years of passionate research and driven design, developed at the company’s premises by a team of specialists, Eureka is formed today by four core elements: first OTX, the Original Thermal Exchanger, the exclusive exchanger where energy meets moisture, X MAX modular dryer with constant performance, Flowmatik, the auto-adaptive air manager for process air distribution, and finally Moisture Meter, a system to measure and control moisture in-line.

Such an engineered drying system ensures an unequalled energy efficiency since the synergy of the composing elements is unique and results in benefits for the whole moulding process: a better cycle time, higher performance, a lower waiting time and higher efficiency and profit.

Moretto - OTX Original Thermal Exchanger

Moisture Meter is the absolute novelty in the drying system market. Moretto is the only company supplying an effective device to measure the residual moisture in the plastic granule during the process. The constant communication between the moisture meter and the dryer enables to set the process by input of numbers to dry the material perfectly, as required by the material’s technical sheet. The opportunity to manage the drying system according to a number provides an incomparable efficiency in treatment, which affects the quality of the moulded products and subsequently the production waste reduction; as consequence, it affects the system energy saving since it does not produce any useless energy dispersions in conformity with the current treatment settings.

Moretto - Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter enables to certify the production and, through the continuous measurement of the final moisture value, clears all doubts about the drying level of the polymers to be processed. CERTIFIED QUALITY WITH MOISTURE METER.

No system can be compared in terms of energy efficiency. Moisture Meter exploits an extremely advanced technology and, once it is adjusted at the plant’s premises, it does not need to be set each time the material lot changes. Certified quality over time.

The real novelty in this new invention is the opportunity to know minute by minute  what the exact water quantity to be extracted is, controlling the initial and obviously the final moisture. “With these data we can manage the dryer by using the strictly required energy for a tailor-made treatment.” Says Renato Moretto, CEO of the company.

X MAX is an intelligent modular dryer based on zeolite technology, enabling to realize drying systems up to 20.000 m3. The uniqueness of this system is its constant performance, that is the capability to keep the dew point steady during the process, at around –65° C, keeping unimaginable efficiency levels.

Moretto - X MAX modular dryer

X MAX, designed in cooperation with the University of Padua, carries an absolute novelty: a turbocharger integrated in the machine, a solution dedicated to drying systems even with very heavy duties, such as the applications which require PET dehumidification on a large scale.

The hopper, known as OTX (ORIGINAL THERMAL EXCHANGER), is the innovative exchanger where energy meets moisture and air is the transport medium. The OTX particular geometry and fluid dynamics guarantee a homogeneous material and air flow, an excellent process to reduce the treatment time by 40% with whatever material. Flowmatik intervenes in the interaction between X MAX and OTX to distribute the correct air amount generated by X MAX on all active hoppers. This task is entrusted to a device based on a technology which is widely used on airliners: a perfect close loop. Air is the transport medium for energy: a correct air utilization results in a correct energy utilization.  Flowmatik permits to employ the required exact air amount and to set only two parameters: material type and throughput. All the rest is AUTOMATIC!

Each of these four elements contributes to avoid energy waste and to obtain a perfectly controlled process. The result of the Eureka process can now be tangible in the product quality and, in particular, Moisture Meter can finally certify the production.

ONE WIRE 6: the transport system making its own
ONE WIRE 6 is the only conveying system on the market which can automatically adapt to the plant status, recognizing every change. In a conventional transport system, the operator is required to set the parameters related to the suction and pipe cleaning time. OW6 is a revolution in terms of system management: its automation optimizes the performance to the fullest. Each time a material or a feeding segment changes, OW6 automatically recognizes the new situation and adapts the suction and pipe cleaning time instantaneously: the machines recognize the new conditions, automatically adapting and re-calculating the transport time.

Moretto - One Wire 6 Server

The OW6 server can manage up to 80 users such as receivers, suction units, manual and automatic manifold units. A touch view colour screen composes the interface and an optional 7” WIRELESS palmtop with touch view colour technology is available as system supervisor. ONE WIRE 6 can be connected to MOWIS, Moretto integrated supervising system, and equipped with an ETHERNET connection dedicated to remote support.

The system touch screen terminal includes a manual as well as a configurable program for precautionary maintenance.

The conveying system at our stand at Fakuma will be equipped with a ONE WIRE 6 management system and KASKO receivers.

The KASKO receivers, presented by Moretto as a preview and dedicated to centralized systems, stand out in particular for their renewed design, a clean style, and a full stainless steel construction suitable also for the medical, pharmaceutical and food sector. Together with OW6, KASKO receiver performs its best feature: the KASKO series requires no setting. The KRONO sensor makes them adaptive. The KASKO receiver series is available in the chips, flakes, powder, talc and high temperature version and represents a new philosophy to approach the automations. The assisted opening works as a protection from accidental closing and the discharge outlet is equipped with a specific gasket. The material pipe is interchangeable and features a cyclone-effect; moreover, it is also available in antiwear version. The polyester filter offers an increased surface. The filter cleaning is included on all sizes. The signal lamp is a new-generation LED type. The vacuum pipe can be oriented in eight positions for a perfect installation.

Moretto - Kasko receivers

The KASKO receivers connected to the new ONE WIRE server for an auto-adaptive system; this new goal releases precious time that the process department manager can dedicate to quality.

The exhibition space will also display the exclusivity of further Moretto projects such as some examples of TE-KO temperature controllers, fully equipped and developed to suit the daily work of a processing machine even in hard conditions. 

Moretto - TE-KO Temperature Control

Kruise Kontrol, the only system which can manage the granule speed in conveying systems automatically by setting only two parameters and which creates the most suitable working set for each material regardless of the distance or height of the conveying pipes.

By setting the material type and the number of the machine to be fed, KruiseKontrol guarantees a gentle granule transport with a total absence of dust and a lower pipe wear besides the complete elimination of the “angel hair” phenomenon

You will also find a renewed range of the Dry Air series, dedicated to the dehumidification of small material amounts which hold the great Eureka revolution in compact dimensions. The increased performance of the X drying unit together with the OTX technology provides a great combination featuring an extraordinary energy efficiency.

Moretto - X Dry Air Minidryers

Moretto exclusivities do not stop here. We will be waiting for you at our stand 3208 Hall B3 and at the external area outside Hall B3 with the flaming red Moretto Motorhome, a special exhibition of the whole product range: an 82 sqm exhibition surface on 10 big wheels will allow you to touch our equipment with your own hands.

MORETTO S.p.A. – the challenge goes on
Moretto S.p.A. was established in Massanzago (Padua) in 1980 by Renato Moretto. The company has 200 employees, and people constitute its real growth potential. In Moretto’s labs and factories a great young team is at work – the average age is 33 – a team capable to express an outstanding level of competence. More than 10% of the employees have a degree, more than 90% of the people employed in the production and assembly divisions have a high degree of specialization. Continuous professional training and upgrading always have been among the company’s priorities.

Moretto - Haupttsitz

In more than 30 years of activity, Moretto S.p.A. qualified among the most important companies of this trade in the world. Among its clients there are leading trademarks in the electric household appliances, lighting technique, in sportswear, detergent, automotive, medical equipment and cosmetic industries.

The secret of Moretto success is its Research & Development department. In the first 15 years of its activity – until the mid 90’s – its investments in products innovation have constantly been 8% of the company’s turnover. Laboratories and rooms for experiments are provided with advanced systems for designing and prototyping. Until 2004 the company kept on investing 4% of its turnover in R&D, registering four major patents per year. In 2005 the investment in new developments has increased to 6% of the turnover, a rate maintained until now.

Moretto aims at its internationalization and is represented in 54 countries all over the world, with its own qualified distributors. Moretto group includes: Moretto Deutschland GmbH in Nuremberg, Moretto East Europe in Czestochowa, Moretto do Brasil Ltda in Sao Paolo do Brasil and Moretto Turkey MTR in Istanbul. Moretto has recently established Moretto USA for supporting the North-America market.

Moretto’s presence in Central Europe, Asia, and South America provides an efficient service for technical assistance to clients in these regions. To maintain an excellent quality standard, Moretto S.p.A. production is entirely realized in Italy. Its four factories in Massanzago have a total operating surface of 22,000 square meters.

MORETTO S.p.A. activities encompass design and production of equip- ment for:
• single-phase and three phase feeding
• single and centralized drying
• single and centralized dehumidification
• microdosing
• single and centralized volumetric dosing
• gravimetric dosing systems
• grinding near the machine
• centralized feeding systems
• weighing storage systems
• automatic sorting systems
• single and centralized cooling systems
• temperature control for moulds – water – oil - pressurized
• process management and supervisory systems with remote control

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Visit us at the Fakuma 2015. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall B3, booth 3208) - Motorhome outside Hall B3

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