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Herbold Meckesheim GmbH
Shows the whole range of size reduction technology: Shredder, granulator and pulverizer from one single manufacturer.

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Tailor-styled  recycling solutions for plastic waste – in this area HERBOLD MECKESHEIM GmbH is an experienced full-line provider of recycling technology: not only the full range of recycling technology from coarse shredders via granulators to pulverisers, but also complete solutions for the washing and separation of contaminated mixed plastic waste make up the product range of the Meckesheim/Germany-based machine manufacturer.

As part of the vast product range HERBOLD MECKESHEIM will showcase the following typical machine series:

• The Plastcompactor HV 50 for compacting films, fibres and foams: this machine can transform flow-resistant materials into an agglomerate with high bulk density and good flow characteristics. Typical materials are PA-fibres, PET-flakes and scrap XPS-foams. 

Herbold Meckesheim GmbH - Plastcompactor
Herbold Plastkompaktor HV 50 

• The Shredder HR 62P is rounding off the product range of shredders with a small compact shredder that might be interesting for in-house plastics processing com- panies with only small quantities of lumps. Due to its low acquisition costs and its compact design, this machine makes an in-house recycling possible for blow moulding, film and injection moulding shops. 

Herbold Meckesheim GmbH - HR 62P
Herbold Shredder of the HR 62 P series

• The Granulator SML 45/60 SB with forced feeding (patent pending): this special granulator design can considerably reduce its energy demand – with a 30 to 50 % lower connected load compared to a traditional machine. Pre-shredded waste and hollow bodies can be recycled in a very economic way. Some 200 machines of this design have already been sold since the market launch. 

Herbold Meckesheim GmbH - SML SB
Herbold Granulator SB series

In dialogue with the customer, HERBOLD MECKESHEIM will find the optimum solution for customer’s recycling problem. Tests can be made in Herbold’s technical centre where all the machines are available in production scale size for tests with customer’s original material.

Our range of products 
More information can be found here.

Company profile
Herbold Meckesheim GmbH is a manufacturer of size reduction equipment for the plastics industry. We are located in Meckesheim in southern Germany, near the cities of Frankfurt/Main and Heidelberg. Our product suite consists of machines and systems for the recycling of soft and semi-rigid materials

Herbold Meckesheim GmbH - Firmengebäude

We have specialized in the recycling of scrap for the plastics industry, the recycling of used and mixed post consumer or post industrial plastics, the pulverization of plastics granules and regrind and many other applications of our machines in the preparation of materials, resource recycling and mechanical transforming in various industries.

We offer service and spare parts for our own machines as well as for many other similar machines of all brands. We are 85 employees. The majority of our customers are located in Germany, Europe, North America, North Africa, in the Middle and the Far East. Our annual turnover amounts to approximately 30 Mio US$. Our Meckesheim production plant comprises about 4500 square meters (= 48000 square feet).

The modular design of our machines, our constant stocks of common parts and our flexible access to suppliers allow us to offer many of our machines and recycling lines within very short delivery periods in spite of the wide range and variety of our products.

For testing our machines with customer-specific materials there is a test facility in Germany and another one in Smithfield, R.I.:

Impressive results with the HERBOLD plastcompactor when recycling plastic films
BOPET and BOPP films with heavily printed surface or metallized cannot be treated with traditional recycling processes, or at least only with great difficulty due to the high standards required for the degasification of extruders.

Herbold succeeded in finding a reliable solution: the HERBOLD plastcompactor. Thanks to its design as an “open” system, it can successfully cope with entirely printed or metallized films. 

HERBOLD - Plastkompaktor Bild 1 HERBOLD - Plastkompaktor Bild 2
Fig. 1: Recycling of difficult material: Thin films with printed or metallized surface   
Fig. 2: The end product: agglomerate with high bulk density and excellent flow properties                  
The HERBOLD plastcompactor transforms film waste in agglomerate with excellent flow properties and a very high bulk density that can then be further processed on injection moulding machines or extrusion plants similar to new material. 

How does a HERBOLD plastcompactor work?
The material is continuously processed between a rotating and a stationary compactor disc, equipped with screwed-on exchangeable kneading bars. The pre-size-reduced material is continuously conveyed to the working zone through the centre of the stationary disc. The friction arising at and between the compactor discs very quickly heats the material, rendering it slightly sintered.
Afterwards, the heated material is fed to a hot melt granulator, turning it into agglomerate with good flow properties and a high bulk density.

The procedure is a particularly economic one and due to the automatic operation of the HERBOLD plastcompactor, www.herbold.com, no operators are needed. The densifier for plastics available in several sizes achieves a throughput performance between 100 and 1.400 kg/h. 
Herbold Meckesheim - Plastcompactor Typ HV 50 Anlage
Herbold plastcompactor type HV 50

A typical representative of this size is the compactor HV 50 with a 110 kW drive and a throughput performance of approximately 800 kg/h with A-PET or PET-G. There is a positive side effect when processing PET film: the material is crystallized at the same time.
Besides the treatment of uncontaminated waste, the HERBOLD plastcompactor can also be used downstream of a washing line for contaminated waste: here the material is dried at the same time, a process that can very easily and effectively be achieved with very thin  LLDPE films or with LLDPE stretch films.

Visit us at the Fakuma 2012. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall A6, booth 6502).

Herbold Meckesheim GmbH - LogoHerbold Meckesheim GmbH
Industriestrasse 33
D-74909 Meckesheim

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