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Hellweg Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
The Formula 1 in granulators

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Efficient punched skeleton processing

Strips of foils or sheets are punched out in the thermoforming process, especially for packaging products (cups, blister packs, boxes, etc). The thermoplastic punch skeleton waste arising here is re-processed by the new “RST Thermoform” granulator from Hellweg Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG into re-usable regrind material.

RST Thermoform granulators are fitted with special feeding equipment that can be provided in optional vertical or horizontal versions. Punched skeleton feeding into the granulator hopper takes place with frequency or dancer arm control, whereby the intake is adjusted according to the feed rate of the production machine, so that fluctuations are compensated.

The machines are equipped with a stiff torsion-resistant rotor, in open or closed design, that is produced from one solid piece of metal. This ensures quiet running at high rotation speed without any imbalance. Depending on the purpose, the rotors are fitted with 3 or 5 rows of blades.

Versions with working widths of 650 mm and 1,050 mm are offered, along with a rotor diameter of 200 mm and power rating of 5.5 kW or 11 kW. Throughput depends on the screen perforation used and amounts to 120-280 kg/h.

The granulators are characterised by a particularly flat design and ease of use. Two pneumatic piston cylinder dampeners enable fast opening of the machine housing and thereby also entirely free access to the blades  and for cleaning.

The feeding equipment is also available for fitting to already installed granulators, including those from other producers.

The Hellweg company
Hellweg-Maschinenbau has specialised in the development and production of shredding machinery for the plastics industry - especially in granulators / cut- tingmills. The sole ownership enterprise formed in 1985 by Bernd Hellweg has been restructured on 1.1.2000 into a limited company, Hellweg Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, that has since been managed as a family-owned company.
After the company had already developed and realised entire projects for renowned engineering companies, greater emphasis has been given to driving forward with development of the company’s own products. After years of development and test phases, a range of shredding machines arose, with the highest level of craftsmanship. The excellence in quality gained through contract production became the guideline for the company’s own engineering work. The high degree of experience in the area of development and in CNC technology enable a sensible relationship between design and the subsequent production by various machining processes.

The standard range of machines covers mobile machine-side mills, slow-running and central granulators/grinders in different sizes. as well ascomplete fully automated recycling lines. Hellweg Maschinenbau also develops solutions according to specific customer requirements.
With their solid construction, Hellweg granulators stand for advanced technology and guarantee compliance with the highest demands for quality – with a well balanced price-performance relationship - completely made in Germany.

Visit us at the Fakuma 2011. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall A1, booth 1005).


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