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GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik GmbH
BlueFlow® hot-runner nozzles now even slimmer, longer and more efficient!

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Günther Heisskanaltechnik GmbH is extending its portfolio of BlueFlow® hot-runner nozzles. A series of slim and long nozzles with a melt-channel diameter of 3 mm and a length of up to 180 mm rounds off the BlueFlow® standard range.

On the one hand, these new slim BlueFlow® nozzles are the ideal solution for multicavity moulds and on the other hand they can be conveniently mounted from the parting level. The advantage of mounting from the parting level is that the mould can remain on the injection-moulding machine for maintenance work / nozzle replacement. The mould construction is lower because there is no longer any nozzle holding plate and the nozzle length is utilised better.

Günther - BlueFlow Heisskanaldüse Typ 3STF
The new generation of BlueFlow® hot-runner nozzles: type 3STF with a melt- channel diameter of 3 mm and lengths of 50, 80 and 120 mm

Two fits on the nozzle head allow a precise positioning on the pitch spacing.

On the one hand, the manifold is sealed off by the fit and separated from the cable ducts. This facilitates access to the cabling.

On the other hand, these design features offer additional protection against any leakages occurring in the system. 

The power cables are spatially and thermally separated from the manifold and therefore offer additional safety if the cable insulation is under stress.

Günther pays particular attention to thermal separation between the hot-runner nozzles and the cavity and the same applies therefore to the new BlueFlow® nozzle.

The two-part shaft, which consists of a titanium alloy with low thermal conductivity in the front area, and the integrated air gap assure effective insulation and accordingly a low loss of heat from the hot-runner nozzle to the mould. The temperature distribution in the nozzle is therefore very homogeneous. The heat-conductive tip with effective protection against wear and a thermal conductivity of approx. 120 W/mK enables very even opening and a clean tear-off performance.

Günther - Einbausituation
Installation situation for the type 3STF BlueFlow® hot-runner nozzle

All of this favours a trouble-free processing both of technical and also of high- temperature-resistant plastics, as is the case here too.

The new BlueFlow® nozzle series with a 3-mm melt-channel diameter is available in the lengths of 50, 80, 120 mm. The gate geometry can be produced with a tip or as an open nozzle piece.

In the standard range Günther supplies more BlueFlow® nozzles in the melt- channel diameters 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm. The nozzles are available in the lengths 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 180 mm.

In this way, Günther, as the leading manufacturer of hot-runner nozzle technology, combines all Günther advantages in one product, the new BlueFlow® nozzle.

Günther BlueFlow® Dickschicht-Technologie
The first time thick-film technology was presented to specialists from all over the world was at the K2010 and it has attained a high level of awareness since then. The share of the BlueFlow® heaters in nozzle sales has been increasing consistently since 2010.

Günther’s thick-film heating combines several advantages at once: not only are the heating elements much narrower in diameter, they also feature much better temperature management and accordingly a faster thermal reaction. Other out- standing features are their high dielectric strength and resistance to moisture. All in all, these features allowed important steps to be taken towards a more space- saving, precise and energy-efficient hot-runner design and consequently an injection-moulding process that is more effective in general. With this new technology, Günther is gaining an absolutely unique selling point on the market. The BlueFlow® nozzle heatings are produced in Frankenberg.

The newly developed BlueFlow® heating elements are of a much finer filigree construction and also narrower in diameter (melt-channel diameter 3 mm/shaft dia. 12 mm). This allows closer cavity spacing and smaller mould dimensions. The thick-film heating’s ideal output distribution leads to a very precise thermal profile in the nozzle. Further advantages are greater degrees of freedom when installing the cooling channels and more scope in designing parts. Accordingly, this allows the use of smaller performance-adapted injection-moulding machines, rendering the manufacturing process more energy-efficient in general.

Günther - BlueFlow Dickschicht-Heizelement
The filigree BlueFlow® thick-film heating element for nozzle type 3STF

Energy savings, higher quality of parts
Energy can be saved because the temperature in the current-carrying heating conductor is lower than in conventional heating methods. The homogeneous temperature in the material tube is gentle on the material, which increases the quality of both the processing and the injection mouldings. Manufacturing can be started directly without losing time or extending the heating phase. The optimised temperature management and the nozzles’ fast thermal reaction reduces the rate of bad parts, lowers energy consumption, shortens cycle times by lowering the melt temperatures and extends processing possibilities, even for thermally sensitive plastics.

Impressive figures from measurement comparisons
Comparison measurements have revealed the following: when the new BlueFlow® thick-film technology is used in an injection-moulding operation, energy con- sumption is up to 50 per cent less than when various rival nozzles with comparable nozzle geometries are used. The savings potential when compared with conventional Günther hot-runner nozzles is up to 30 per cent.

Günther - Heisse Seite BF-Düse STF
The new BlueFlow® hot-runner nozzle 3STF is the ideal solution for multi-cavity moulds

Re. Günther Hot-Runner Technology:
Günther Heisskanaltechnik GmbH, Frankenberg (Eder) has about 200 employees and 33 agencies in Germany and abroad. This hot-runner systems supplier provides components and systems to virtually all sectors of the plastics industry. The company’s strategic focus is on the development and implementation of customised solutions that offer high productivity and quality. The modular components from Frankenberg are so well-engineered that they also serve as the technological basis for all customised solutions. This means that a lot of requirements set by customers are comprehensively satisfied even by standard products from Günther.

Günther Heisskanaltechnik - Firmensitz

The contact for all GÜNTHER customers and potential customers in Switzerland is Mr Thomas Robers, Managing Director of Battenfeld (Switzerland) AG. Mr Robers is a mechanical engineer specialising in plastics engineering and he has been working in the injection moulding industry for many years.

Product overview
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Visit us at Fakuma 2014. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth(hall A2, booth 2207).

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