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Gammaflux Europe GmbH
G24 – the new high-performance temperature control system

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Making its European début on the exhibition stand of Gammaflux Europe GmbH, Wiesbaden/Germany, at Fakuma, Stand 7311, Hall A7) will be the new G24 temperature control system. This high-performance control system unites the compact dimensions of Gammaflux’s LEC controllers with the performance attributes of the TTC models. The G24 controllers also use the Triangulated Control Technology® developed by Gammaflux, a technology that in practical terms means: temperature sensing in 50 ms cycles, temperature evaluation with the self-adapting PID² control algorithm and actuation with phase angle firing control.

Gammaflux - Hochleistungs-Temperaturregelsystem G24
The new G24 high-performance temperature control system combines improved user benefit and superior performance with reduced floor space requirements

Further innovations make the G24

  • Simpler – the operator can familiarize himself with the working and programming of the G24 controller in just a few minutes; when set to automatic operation, the controller operates in accordance with best industrial practice.
  • Less expensive – through the use of fewer electronic components and optimum exploitation of the global supply chain for these components.
  • Smaller – each control module is rated for 15 A and up to 24 zones can be accommodated in one single control block. By comparison with the TTC controller, a G24 controller with 128 zones takes up 48% less floor space.
  • Faster – the industrial duty USB interface to the screen ensures an update rate of 0.1 sec.
  • More flexible – the standard module is equipped with two 15 A outputs which can be used for both hot runner tip and manifold zone control.

Input/output (I/O) interfaces to the injection moulding machine ensure that no reject mouldings are produced and no serious damage can occur to the mould. Thanks to its screen input facility, the G24 software simplifies the interlock between the mould and the machine and also interlock simulation during machine set-up prior to commencement of production. It goes without saying that the new control system features the tried and tested “Mold Doctor® ” functions for mould troubleshooting and for “Performance Monitoring”, the latter serving as a means of detecting leakages and faults in the hot runner system. Every G24 controller comes with a full 5-year Gammaflux warranty.

Application: process temperature control in all areas of plastics processing
For the past 30 years or so, temperature control systems from Gammaflux have been proving themselves in the control and monitoring of hot runner systems in injection moulds. Meanwhile they are also being used in the plastics industry more widely and frequently for the feedback control of process temperatures, typical examples being thermoset moulding, reaction injection moulding (RIM), the processing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR), blow moulding, thermoforming and profile and flat film extrusion. Benno Kippes, Managing Director of Gammaflux Europe, explains: “Just like a hot runner system, each one of these processes requires reliable temperature control. Faults in temperature control can lead to rejects and/or interruptions in production. It is not least for this reason that processors make sure their control systems come from a supplier distinguished by the quality, accuracy and reliability of his products.”

Gammaflux, based in Sterling/VA (U.S.A) and Wiesbaden/Germany, is a leading global manufacturer of hot runner temperature controllers for the plastics processing industry. Since its formation in 1964, the company has been on record as a supplier of innovative control technology and became the industry's first manufacturer to develop controllers capable of anticipating temperature deviations, detecting wiring and heater problems, and averting severe mould damage through instant control response. Gammaflux control technology combines digital performance with high-precision analogue control action. Users benefit from a central control system enabling them to manage the injection moulding process and to extract data for performance analysis. Gammaflux serves a wide range of markets all over the world, from automotive to medical equipment manufacturers through to the packaging, electronics, household products and toolmaking industries.

Visit us at the Fakuma. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall A7 , booth 7311).

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