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Berlac AG
Added Value for Plastics and Metals

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Berlac AG – founded in 1928 and headquartered in Sissach, Switzerland – is a member of the Berlac Group, a globally-active group of companies, which has specialised in the development and manufacture of top-quality solutions for surface coatings and the finishing of PU for various sectors and applications.

As an internationally leading manufacturer of premium-grade special lacquers and effects for decorative applications on plastics, genuine metals, galvanised and PVD-metallised substrates, Berlac AG supplies primarily to the following sectors: automotive, spectacle frames, domestic appliances, hearing aids, writing implements, medical technology, cosmetics packaging, telephony, sanitary fittings, watches and jewellery.


The extensive programme of products covers the complete range of wet lacquers. Berlac AG offers a wealth of proven standard formulations or develops solutions custom-tailored especially to meet each customer’s individual requirements. Based primarily on top-quality solvents, Berlac products can be supplied in individually manufactured batches as small as needed; the range includes:

primers • clear lacquers • base coats • effect and design lacquers • zapon lacquers • printing lacquers for screen and pad printing • casting-resin lacquers • dye solutions • one and two-component systems • stoving systems • air, forced and stove-drying systems • UV systems (conventional and aqueous) • solvent-based systems • low-solvent high solids

In addition to effect and imitation lacquers to create specific visual and tactile effects, our specialties comprise coating solutions with special surface properties for:

thermosets and thermoplastics • ultra-flexible elastomeric substrates, such as liquid and solid silicone, TPU, TPE • galvanised surfaces • PVD-metallised plastics • fibre-reinforced plastics • bioplastics from renewable biomass sources • metal substrates including non-ferrous metals • aluminium and stainless steel

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Genuine customer orientation for Berlac AG means providing service and support on the spot in the local language. To ensure this, Berlac AG has established a closely collaborating network of branches, field offices and carefully-selected distribution partners which spans the entire world and is being systematically expanded to meet the requirements of the various global markets.

Australia • Benelux-Countries • Brazil •  China • Denmark • France • Germany • Great Britain • Hong Kong •  Italy •  Mexico •  Poland •  Russia • Spain • Turkey

Stop by at Fakuma. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth (Hall B5, Booth 5114).

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Allmendweg 39
CH-4450 Sissach

Tel. +41 61 976 90 10
Fax +41 61 976 96 20





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