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WIWOX GmbH Surface Systems
Innovative tool cleaning techniques for plastic production:
faster – gentle – more economical

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Located in Erkrath near Düsseldorf, WIWOX GmbH Surface Systems (formerly known as W+I Oberflächen-Systeme) will be presenting a new line of products this year at K-2010.

WIWOX - Strahlanlagen   WIWOX - Ultraschallanlagen   WIWOX - Pyrolyseöfen
Blasting cabins                  Ultrasonic cleaning units Pyrolysis furnaces

Along with its well-known blasting and ultrasonic cleaning techniques, this October the company will be showcasing its new fluid bed systems and pyrolysis ovens.
These techniques can all be applied in a complementary, mutually reinforcing manner, providing users with fast, highly economical support during tool cleaning operations.

WIWOX - Bild 1 WIWOX - Bild 2 WIWOX - Bild 3 WIWOX - Bild 4 WIWOX - Bild 5

Injection moulding forms, extruder screws, filters, nozzles and hot runners – with the right technique, tools of all types can be cleaned to perfection. This helps to minimize production downtimes as well as improving manufacturing quality. Following comprehensive testing and trials in its in-house technical facility, WIWOX lets customers know which technique is best suited to their needs. The necessary systems are generally in stock and thus available for immediate purchase; they are also available on a rental basis.

As an alternative, WIWOX can also carry out just-in-time cleaning operations on behalf of customers with limited capacity utilization requirements.

Mechanical techniques

pressure-, injector - and
    wet blasting cabins

Blasting-wheel blasting

Mobile- and 
    Micro bklasting cabins

Blasting rooms

    deburing mashines

Hydrous techniques



Thermal techniques

Pyrolysis furnaces

Fluidized-bed systems


Blasting abrasives                                   Cleaning chemicals
WIWOX - Qualitäts-Strahlmittel WIWOX - Reinigungschemikalien

Stainless steel abrasive
Steel / white cast iron abrasives
Plastic Blast Media
Glass Bead Blast Media
Corundum abrasives

Alkaline, neutral and form acidic
Dewatering fluids
Non-Corrosion fluids

Cleaning service - Professional cleaning of polluted precision parts and tools out of the production.

Maintenance and spare parts - We carry out all repairs, maintenance, inspections and overhauls. This is also true for older machines and components. Often this is more economical than a greenfield investment. This service also applies to all other makes.

Advice on the application - The systems used in your home economically and safely operate only when continuous monitoring. Here we can help you! We offer you the possibility of process optimization. Therefore we will advise you on the spot or in our pilot.

Visit our Homepage for more information:

The WIWOX team will be on hand to welcome visitors to Stand H60 in
 Hall 11 at Messe Düsseldorf from 27 October to 3 November 2010.

WIWOX GmbH - Logo

WIWOX GmbH Surface Systems
Niermannsweg 3 – 5
40699 Erkrath / Germany

Tel. +49(0) 211–159888 – 0
Fax +49(0) 211–159888 – 11


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