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Innovative Ultrasonic Technology made in Switzerland

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The Swiss Telsonic AG is a pioneer in industrial ultrasonic technology and one of the global market leaders. They are specialized both in the field of joining tech- nology (plastic welding, metal welding, cut’n’seal) as well as in process technology (cleaning, screening, chemical processing).  
Telsonic AG - Geschäftsgebäude

The company was founded in 1966 and is situated in the canton of St. Gall. They have subsidiaries in Germany, Great Britain, South Eastern Europe and USA, as well as representatives in many other countries. 

Developing and manufacturing their own product range as well as realizing and optimizing individual customer requirements is taken very seriously at Telsonic, like a competent technical after-sales service on spot, too.

For more information please click on the below-mentioned links:

Joining Technology

Plastic Welding
- Linear
- Torsional
- Actuators
- Ultrasonic Generators
- Controllers
- Sonotrodes
- Method

Process Technology

- Powder Screening CSS100
- Mini Screening System
- Method of ultrasonic-supported screening

- Compact cleaners 1.5 – 28 l
- Industrial tanks
- Tube resonators – Immersible transducers – Ultrasonic generators
- Method of ultrasonic-supported cleaning

Liquid Processing
- Laboratory
- Process
- Fields of application
- Method of ultrasonic-supported liquid processing

Visit us at the K exhibition! We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall 11, booth A26).

Telsonic AG - LogoTELSONIC AG
Industriestrasse 6b
CH-9552 Bronschhofen

Tel. +41 71 913 98 88
Fax +41 71 913 98 77


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