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Netstal-Maschinen AG
Presents many new and further developments under the motto of „one step ahead“ at the K 2010

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Netstal, the Swiss manufacturer of injection moulding machines, takes advantage of the world's biggest trade fair of the plastics industry to present many new and further developments under the motto of „one step ahead“. Apart from the ELION range extended clamping force-wise, Netstal Maschinen AG shows at the K 2010 also its PET-LINE which is already perfectly established in the market. Furthermore, the newly developed freely-programmable sequence control aXos will be demonstrated as a particular highlight. With a total of seven machines at the exhibition, all of them in the form of system solutions, Netstal underlines once more its high competence and know-how in its field.

ELION – extended clamping force-range with hybrid drive
In time for the K-exhibition Netstal expands its existing ELION range by two models of the sizes 2200 and 2800 kN. Thanks to the modular design of these machines it is possible for the first time to combine the new electrically driven mould closing units with the hybrid injection units of the EVOS range. The dry cycle times of 1.3 and 1.4 s achieved by this permit the operation of the equipment in application areas which were so far reserved to hydraulic machines.
As already impressively confirmed by the all-electric models of the ELION range, the new models with the hybrid drive are in a category of their own when it comes to efficient energy usage.

One step ahead: Highest precision with ELION 2800 and 2200
The ELION 2800 at the K 2010, equipped with a 6-imp. mould made by the Swiss company Glaroform, produces flower pots at a very remarkable cycle of just under 2 seconds. A handling unit of Messrs Ilsemann of Germany removes the moulded products at top speed, while raw material feeding is ensured by equipment of the Motan company, also of Germany.

Netstal-Maschinen AG - Elion 2800

The ELION 2200 at the fair uses a 64-imp. mould of Corvaglia / Switzerland to mould closures of HDPE. The shot weight is 64 grams and the production cycle 2 seconds.
For quality control purposes all parts pass through a visual inspection station immediately after moulding. The periphery of this inspection system comes from the German company Intravis. Motan products take care of material feeding and the chiller unit is made available by ef cooling Ernst H. Furrer AG.

Medical mouldings from the energy-saving ELION 1750
The all-electric version of the ELION range is represented at the fair by a model with 1750 kN clamping force. Netstal shows a medical application which is typical for this range of machines. Closures for medical containers are moulded at a cycle of 7 seconds under clean-room conditions using a 96-imp. mould made by the Swiss company Schöttli. The moulded closures are removed by an appliance of the German manufacturer Waldorf, Motan takes care of material feeding and the chiller is from efCooling of Switzerland.

Netstal-Maschinen AG - Elion 1750

PET-LINE on the platform 2000: absolute precision with highest efficiency
Netstal impressed the specialist public with the PET-LINE platform 2000 (2000 kN clamping force) already at the Drinktec in Munich. So far, Netstal offered this highly profitable overall system for the lower range of cavities, i.e. with 24 to 48-imp. moulds. In cooperation with the Swiss mouldmaker Otto Hofstetter AG Netstal has meanwhile succeeded in accommodating 60 cavities which previously called for a 3500 kN machine on the smaller platform 2000, with an accordingly favourable effect on the ROI (Return On Investment).
The model shown at the K 2010 produces 0.5 litre preforms weighing 15 grams each at a cycle time of 9.0 seconds. This results in an hourly output of more than 24,000 preforms. Material feeding at the fair is with appliances of the German Motan company, while efCooling of Switzerland supplies the chiller unit.

Netstal-Maschinen AG - Petline

Netstal sets benchmarks with this impressive demonstration and makes it clear that shorter cycle times don't necessarily lead to a higher energy consumption or more occupied floor space. Together with the maximized number of cavities, the reliable reduction of the cycle time is the ideal solution to achieve absolute efficiency. Operating a 60-cavity mould, this production system offers a so far unmatched output for this size equipment.

One step ahead: Innovation – new control aXos
Next to the extension of the existing ELION range of machines we have another major highlight in store for our visitors. The innovative freely-programmable sequence control aXos is used for the first time on our exhibits ELION 2200 and ELION 2800.

Netstal-Maschinen AG - aXos operating unit

aXos permits the Netstal customers to tailor their process sequences to their particular needs, and this without limitations. The effect: a yet faster and more flexible process.
At an Info Point set up on the Netstal stand for the purpose, visitors to the exhi- bition can obtain the latest information on the new sequence control. Moreover, a Learning Center is set up on the first floor of the stand where the advantages of aXos are explained in depth.

Netstal Support Concept – comprehensive spectrum of services
The system competence of Netstal-Maschinen AG in application and production- technical consultancy is underpinned once more by Netstal's exhibits at the K2010. Thanks to the tight sales network with global service companies and free agents Netstal is present in about 40 countries on all five continents. Under the umbrella of the service brand „Netstal Support Concept“ the international clientele is profes- sionally looked after around the clock so that an economically efficient production is ensured.
At the K-fair interested clients can assess an installed and operating Netstal remote maintenance system. Interactive presentations familiarize them with the different possibilities and available service contracts (maintenance, calibration, etc.) and inform them of the newly available service „Original Netstal Revised“.

Further interesting Netstal exhibits are on show at:
- Beck Automation AG
, Hall 10, Stand E76
An ELION 1750-530 with a 4-imp. drinking cup incl. IML automation

- Ilsemann Automation, Hall 10, Stand A56
An ELION 1200-270 with a 2+2-imp. container incl. IML automation

- Hekuma GmbH, Hall 10, Stand D40
An ELION 800-130 with a 48-imp. needle holder

Make sure you visit the Netstal stand at the K 2010: Hall 15, Stand D24

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