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ILLIG Maschinenbau
Zählt zu den führenden Anbietern mit dem weltweit umfangreich- sten Lieferprogramm von Maschinen und Werkzeugen für die Thermoformung und Verpackungstechnik

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ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers with the most comprehensive range of machinery and tools for the thermoforming and packaging technology world-wide. In more than 80 countries customers produce ambitious and high-precision parts of thermoplastic materials. More than 750 employees develop and produce these complex production lines. ILLIG stands for innovations, highest quality and global service, which we achieve for you and with you!

ILLIG Maschinenbau will exhibit following machines at the K trade fair:
High-performance automatic pressure forming machine RDK 90
Automatic pressure forming machine RDM 70K

High-performance automatic pressure forming machine RDK 90
The new RDK 90 automatic pressure forming machine is the largest version of this automatic pressure forming machine series, featuring up to 900 mm processable material width and 700 mm index length. The consistent use of servo motor drives in 3rd Generation Thermoformers for all motion sequences is one of the basic requirements for the high cycle speeds achieved. The servo drives work in an energy-saving way, precisely and fast, and thanks to high positioning and repetition accuracy they allow maximum overlapping of production steps which saves process time. Product quality and process reliability are maintained. The highly dynamic generation and reduction of forming pressure is one of the decisive factors for the high cycle speed of 55 cycles/minute achieved in the forming / punching operation using steel rule dies integrated in the RDK 90 forming tool. This high productivity is supported by optimized, intensive tool cooling. Two separate cooling circuits are available – on upper and lower table of the forming station – with display of flow rate, inlet and outlet temperature. Up to six individual circuits can be connected to the tool per cooling circuit for part cooling close to the cavities' contours. The so-called jacket-cooling is a special feature. Compared to conventional methods clearly improved product quality is achieved with consi- derably increased cycle speed at the same time. Trays, 192 x 146 mm², just like those sold millions of times as sales and keep-fresh packs for meat, vegetables, fruit, etc., are produced on this machine with a 16-up tool, using e.g. 0.4 mm APET at a speed of 55 cycles/min.

ILLIG Maschinenbau - Hochleistungsdruckluft-formautomat RDK 90

In RDK 90, like in all ILLIG systems for the packaging industry, a modular concept provides various options to configurate a high-performance thermoforming line suitable for the respective application. The options include roll pre-heater, hole punch press, separate steel rule punch press or various stacking stations through to integrated handling systems for follow-up treatment of products. The stacking station with two-axis handling is one of the highlights. Stacking heights of up to 600 mm are possible with the optional stacking and discharge conveyor. Subsequently the stacks are transferred reliably to the discharge conveyor of only 900 mm height.

Suitable for line operation – future-oriented control concept
The RDK 90 automatic pressure forming machine is designed for both, so-called off-line roll-fed operation and in-line feeding by means of pre-linked flat film extruder. The skeletal granulator available in the RDK 90 modular system was optimized in such a way that even un-punched parts up to approx. 80 mm height and/or material thickness up to 1 mm can be drawn in and ground. This is helpful and required e.g. for start-up of the interlinked extruder-thermoformer production line up to the point where steady and stable process sequencing is achieved.
All additional devices and lines required for the completion of the production line, from material roll stand through to additional cooling devices, now come with Profibus interfaces in RDK 90 machines as standard. This provides the prerequisites for the new „ILLIG ThermoLine Control“ generation to centrally manage and operate all individual devices of the line via the thermoformer's control. Besides improvement of operator's convenience, e.g. by central process optimization, data management or process visualization, it is even possible to considerably reduce the non-productive secondary times required for format or tool changes. Moreover, error diagnosis and trouble shooting can be performed much easier and faster. With integration of a production line in the ILLIG NetService, the service engineers can look into all components of the line by internet from Heilbronn. Errors can be diagnosed and short term corrections can be made in case of setting-related malfunctions.

For more Information of this machine please click here.

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3rd Generation Thermoformer Automatic pressure forming machine RDM 70K
RDM-K machines equipped with forming/punching technology stand for precise mechanical drives, high product quality, performance and reliability. The user can select from a comprehensive, product-oriented series with various forming areas and equipment levels.

ILLIG Maschinenbau - Druckluft-Formautomat RDM 70K

The forming device with the cam-controlled toggle lever system ensures high forming and punching forces. The forming table in K-machines tilts in the feed direction through an angle of 80° after forming. From this position the ejectors push the cups into the stacking device. The tilting movement permits controlled ejecting and stacking of products even in multi-row tools.

3rd Generation thermoformers and tools feature considerably higher cycle speeds as well as an optimized and accelerated forming process which results in clearly improved part quality. In the RDM-K concept specific demands were considered with respect to tool change and also improved accessibility of all machine elements for service and maintenance.

3rd Generation RDM 70K is equipped with a max. forming area of 680 x 280 mm. Further information you will find in sections "Brochure" and "Technical Data".

For more Information of this machine please click here.

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Visit us at the K exhibition. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall 3, booth A52).

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