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GETECHA develops and produces plastics granulators for peripheral and central applications as well as CD- and DVD granulators. Among our customers are the operators and mechanical engineers of the injection moulding-, extrusion-, blow moulding- and thermoforming technics.

GETECHA is a partner for the automation specialists of the plastics industry. We deliver innovative sprue picker systems, linear devices and special automation solutions for feeding, insertion, extraction and packing.

Modular Concept Capable of Change - Getecha builds custom-tailored infeed granulators for thermoforming applications
The infeed granulators of the latest Rotary cutter generation from Getecha ensure the automated transition for efficient further processing of material residues in thermoforming processes. Thanks to their intelligent speed control and adapted infeed systems they can be quickly and easily integrated in existing production lines.

Getecha GmbH - RS 4509-E
The grinder models RS 4500 are designed for peak throughputs up to 1500 kg/hr . The picture shows the model RS 4509-E.

Whether folding blister packages for C-parts, hygienic inserts for fine chocolate boxes or lids for yogurt cups – thermoforming has long become established for the economic mass production of thin-walled packaging solutions from PET or PP film. However, due to the particular processes material residues such as blanking skeletons, faulty parts and film pieces are generated and require continuous recycling. This is were the highly automated infeed granulators from Getecha come into play. The manufacturer from Aschaffenburg offers 17 basic models altogether in the framework of his four Rotary cutter model series making sure the right machine can be found for each particular application.

Infeed systems for all scenarios
The design of Getecha's infeed granulators is based on a well-thought-out mo- dular concept. This allows each machine to be optimized for its task. This becomes apparent using the example of the different infeed systems: Depending on what is to be drawn from the thermoforming plant, whether lean blanking skeletons, film up to 1.5 mm thickness, blanking skeletons from round molded parts with non-punched structures, infeed systems with smooth, knurled, toothed or extra large rollers are available. If greater dynamics are required in the opening width over 8 mm Getecha recommends its infeed with belt drive, and thanks to powerful dual-infeeds production residues from two directions can be processed with a single granulator. A specially customized infeed system is available also for the shredding of especially thin PET film residues (< 0.40 mm).

Getecha GmbH - RS 2409-E
Squat, low built designed RS 2409, fits under the product conveyor belt of the thermoformer.

All Rotary cutter infeed granulators of the latest generation are equipped with automatic speed control. This means that a self-adjusting floating roller control (dancer) continuously adjusts the infeed tempo of the granulator to the cycle of the thermoforming line. This is beneficial in two ways: The film web remains taut and the otherwise customary setpoint matching with the production system – often associated with manual readjustment – is obsolete. This increases the economy, simplifies handling and saves much time!

Optionally, the infeed granulators can also be equipped with a frequency converter on the main drive or an EnergySave controller which controls the current con- sumption and prevents power peaks; during idling and partial loads it lowers the motor output and minimizes reactive current. This improves the energy efficiency. Other quality features of the granulators include screen holes drilled at an angle (prevent malfunctions from long parts), water-cooled grinding chambers (prevents film from sticking together) and the excellent sound insulation.

The Getecha infeed granulators are available in four model series. The Compact series RS 2400 handles infeed widths from 210 to 900 mm and achieves peak throughputs of 300 kg/h. The RS 3000 and RS 3800 model series with their three-blade rotors and cutting circles of 300 and 380 mm master infeed widths from 390 to 1500 mm and throughputs up to 1300 kg/h. The large granulators of the RS 4500 model series are designed for top throughputs up to 1500 kg/h. Their infeed widths range from 580 to 1480 mm and their blades rotate at a diameter of 450 mm. Getecha offers system solutions – matching all infeed granulators – for the grinding material transport (suction or pressure transport) and thereby completes the cycle from thermoforming via reprocessing and on to recycling of the production residues.

More information can be found here.

Getecha GmbH - RS 2400
The infeed grinders of the series RS 2400 have infeed widths from 210 up to 900 mm and achieve peak throughputs up to 300 kg/hr.

Higher throughput with less energy Getecha integrates new heavy-duty granulator in the recycling process of Tönsmeier
The range of the environmental service provider Tönsmeier includes, among others, cross-border disposal concepts for the plastics industry. When the company was looking for a new central granulator for its location in Börde-Hakel to economically shred pieces of HDPE and PP pipes, they chose the RS 8012 Rotary cutter from Getecha. The modern heavy-duty granulator was integrated into the existing recycling process and achieves a 35 percent higher throughput than its predecessor using 20 percent less energy!

Massive lumps, sticky flashes and heavy leftover pieces – the heavy-duty plastic granulators of the Rotary cutter 8000 series from Getecha can handle such polymer remnants. At Tönsmeier Kunststoffe in Börde-Hakel in Saxony-Anhalt, it is pieces of HDPE and PP pipes which have been shredded by a Type RS 8012 central granulator since the middle of last year. And these pieces are no easy task: Because they can weigh as much as 21 kg, are up to 1,500 mm long, have a diameter of up to 315 mm and a wall thickness of up to 29 mm! As they often arrive directly from construction sites, they are still covered in sand, lime and other abrasive minerals. This places high demands on the whole granulator design; especially on the quality of the rotors. “Additional requirements regarding output performance were requested by the Tönsmeier engineers: An average of 900kg per hour and a minimum operating time of 65 hours without having to change blades!”, reports Getecha Sales Representative Harald Oberholz.

Getecha - RS 8012 Bild 1
The RS 8012 central granulator from Getecha

Made for heavy duty
The old central granulator was no longer able to meet these requirements in the recycling process of Tönsmeier. The heavy-duty granulator 8000 series from Getecha on the other hand, is perfectly suited for such difficult requirements. These granulators are made for hourly throughput rates of up to 3000 kg and have 3-,5-, or 7-blade rotors, which are flexibly-segmented. This makes it possible to adapt to the various properties of the materials to be cut. At the recycling plant of Tönsmeier it was decided to use a RS 8012 with a 7-blade rotor and four stationary blades, as well as a cutting width of 1,200 mm (rotor diameter 800 mm). An additional flywheel was put on the rotor shaft to powerfully shred the solid pipe pieces. The rotor blades are adjustable and have an adjustment gauge and positive stops for the stationary blades. “A blade replacement – which is important to maintain a high-quality recyclate constantly – can always be carried out easily and quickly”, explains Harald Oberholz. The blades of the RS 8012 from Getecha work as scissor-cutters which help to improve the heavy-duty granulator's energy efficiency. Because the pieces of pipes are covered with abrasive minerals, the new granulator was equipped with a complete wear protection. All wear protection components can be easily replaced even after many years, thanks to their bolt connections.

The new RS 8012 was very easily integrated into the existing recycling process of Tönsmeier. It is installed in a pit in which the heavy-duty granulator is fed by means of a conveyor belt. The existing extraction system and its connections were able to be reused. The necessary technical changes to the controls were carried out by the Getecha technicians. For this, the recycling plant's signal processing (belt overload, On- and Off routines etc.) was integrated in the heavy-duty granulator's switching cabinet.

Getecha - RS 8012 Bild 2

Controller reduces power consumption
With its 160 kW motor, the new heavy-duty granulator has the same drive power as its predecessor. “However, already during the first trial runs it could be seen that our Rotary cutter achieves around 35 percent higher throughput! And this using approximately 20 percent less energy”, explains Harald Oberholz. The responsible people at Tönsmeier were especially pleased with the effects of the Energy Save motor management from Getecha. Not only does this controller offer a gentle start-up, but by continuously collecting the drive performance data (current, voltage, cos phi) it always calculates the best motor voltage for the most energy-efficient operating mode. It always supplies the motor with only the actually required voltage. “And this without losing any torque!”, points out Harald Oberholz.

More information can be found here.

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