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The traditional mold cleaning in the plastic industry is often very complex and only able to be managed with much staff effort. In many cases, only a cleaning of completely disassembled mold is possible. The popular procedures like blasting, grinding, scratching or brushing damage the surface and particularly the edges. The cleaning result is often not optimal.

Fisa Ultraschall - Firmengebäude

In contrast, FISA is offering a cleaning system with ultrasonic which permits a time- saving, gentle and efficient tool cleaning, mostly without an entire disassembling! The tool cleaning takes place in specific machines which suit the customer’s requests and requirements. Our invented ultrasonic technology offers the possibility to even clean any tools exceeding the dimension of 1m x 1m -without the use of aggressive chemicals.

Our system removes every contamination efficiently but gently within a short time!

Thermoplast nachherThermoplast vorher
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Thermo set
Gently, abrasion-free and within a short time even persistent adherence will be removed. Therefore press shut down can be shortened and the costs of mold maintenance can be drastically reduced!

Duroplast nachherDuroplast vorher
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You handle any material? Therefore you know the presented problem! These problems keep growing in the storage if you don’t clean and conserve timely with FISA

Extrusion nachherExtrusion vorher
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Quantum jump in mold maintenance
<<Absolutely safe>> - the slogan of the Fischer-group (dowels) shows that the Black Forest people are always aiming to optimize the production processes. In the course of a reorganization, the area of the mold maintenance has been new defined.

The new procedure should allow an explicit reduction of the maintenance effort and at the same time ameliorate the degree of cleaning. In mold cleaning matters, Fischer relies on FISA Technology. Aggressive detergent should be disclaimed. The decision was not an easy one because by the choice of partner one wanted to err on the side of caution. If you know the dimensions of fabrication at Fischer in Tumblingen you quickly realize how significant the action and how important the right decision of investment were. With almost 1000 active injection molding tools, millions of different plastic dowels and fixing systems, also Cup-Holder, glasses boxes, CD box brackets etc. for the automotive industry, are produced to about 120 injection molding machines every day. After an intensive market survey and other inquiries by other plastic injection molding companies in the region, one was certain to have found the right partner for the optimal improvement of the situation: FISA Ultraschall GmbH in Kandel. The obtained cleaning results clearly confirmed how easy, fast and reliable optimal mold cleaning can be today – with the right procedure.

Every day, millions of different parts are produced. Also Cup-Holder, glasses boxes or CD brackets

So far, qualified toolmaker have fought time-consuming against the “filth and stench”, had to execute extensive manual actions such as complete disassembling, grinding or polishing, to even eliminate the persistent coverings with solvant cleaner, oven cleaner spray, TRI or PER or to enforce half cleaning in small US- bath or hot fluid bed systems.

All this was the everyday life in the mold maintenance. But the injection molds have got more complex and the quality requirements have expanded.

Furthermore, the use of solvents no longer corresponded to today’s environmental awareness. This changed with the start-up of the FISA cleaning machine which was tailored to Fischer’s individual needs what quasi achieved a quantum jump in the area of mold cleaning.

The task of providing the plastic production in shorter time and with less staff with the best possible conditioned injection mold is mastered optimally.

With this equipment any distracting mold contaminations are effortlessly removed, such as color layers, fretting corrosion, grease and oil, even thermally destabilized fat remains. Also, the rust-and chalk settings in the cooling circuits are now no longer an issue.

The FISA system consists of five workstations:
1. Cleaning with Magna-Sonic and ultrasonic washing liquid
2. Rinsing with Magna-Sonic ultrasound
3. Rinsing in the whirlpool (city water)
4. Conservation/anti-corrosion in dewatering fluid
5. Dripping, blowing and drying

One machine operator per shift is enough. By doing so not only the routine tools will be cleaned fast and effectively but additional – in the course of the common maintenance – also machine parts, for example, electrostatic air filters. The cost effectiveness of the equipment is accordingly high. Fischer agrees: The tools have never been before as clean as they are now. Indeed, the one or other tool has to be disassembled so that the FISA cleaning machine can even clean the critical areas such as cores in the cavity, ventilations, ejectors guiding or sliders without any residues. But this is only a fractional amount of the past’s necessary effort. And by the rapid passage through the system the molds are after intermediate cleaning very fast and particularly stress-free at the machine’s disposal again.

When it comes to mold cleaning, Fischer trusts in FISA Technology

Peter Blöchle, the responsible project leader, feels absolutely confident: „By the use of the FISA cleaning machine, the tools are extensively cleaned today, which means technically and optically better cleaned than they were in the past and this in less time.” Furthermore, the long service life of a detergent bath and the minimal staff requirement with the system result in extreme low operation expenses. Despite high requirements, Fischer’s mold maintenance is displayed pleasantly costefficient.

Visit us at K exposition. We are looking forward to your visit at our stand (Hall 2, stand A06).

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